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terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2013

A She Sun

“Here lies a she sun, and a he moon there;
She gives the best light to his sphere;
Or each is both, and all, and so
They unto one another nothing owe;
And yet they do, but are
So just and rich in that coin which they pay,
That neither would, nor needs forbear, nor stay;
Neither desires to be spared nor to spare.
They quickly pay their debt, and then
Take no acquittances, but pay again;
They pay, they give, they lend, and so let fall
No such occasion to be liberal.
More truth, more courage in these two do shine,
Than all thy turtles have and sparrows, Valentine.”
John Donne

For ThreeMuses Challenge - Bride

Credits to Miriam's Scraps.

Poetic Postcards
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11 comentários:

  1. Wow- beautiful art and words make this post special! So warm and sunny!


  2. I love your classic bride and the warmth is charming!

  3. Wonderful! You have made hot colours romantic and so happy, lovely verse.

  4. Lovely sunlit bride. Wonderfully created, Karla.

  5. Lovely image and a beautiful poem! xx

  6. Very beautiful work and words. I love the textures. :)

  7. Fabulous, wonderful color and texture and a lovely poem too...excellent!

  8. This is lovely! I haven't read John Donne in years...

  9. Ficou bacana o efeito de tapeçaria que você deu nessa colagem e também na de Miss Hepburn.


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