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terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2015

Alice and the blue cups of love

Hello Elizabeth!Hello Marie, Ann and Bev, Hello My Lovelies!

My daughter had good marks in our National High School Exam which is an admission test for enrollment in 23 federal universities. Our federal universities are free. You don't have to pay to study and they are the best ones here.

 The exam she took is composed of 180 multiple-choice questions, equally divided into four areas of knowledge:  languages, codes and related technologies (plus a written essay); human sciences and related technologies; natural sciences and related technologies; and mathematics and its technologies. Due to the length of the test, it is applied in two consecutive days, the first lasting 270 minutes, and the second lasting 330.  

But a good mark doesn't mean my girl succeeded. Let me clarify:  she scored  594,17 but if the average for the course she wants is 620,18, she will be eliminated. Tomorrow,  we will know the score for History which is what she wants to study at university. The last result will be  given after January 22nd.

As you can see I drew Alice and she fits perfectly in T stands for Tuesday. Three Muses challenged us to create something about Alice since it is the 150th anniversary of the publication of ALICE IN WONDERLAND so here it is:

I have some photos to show you from a short trip we made to an island last Tuesday. The island is an auto-free zone, so travel is limited to bicycles and horse-drawn carriages.

Rio de Janeiro from the ferry boat

Now the island:

    This tree is  300 years old

 My daughter's photos:

My daughter and her boyfriend


T stands for Tuesday


Three Muses

Poetic Postcards
 photo pp3.jpg

26 comentários:

  1. Amazing artwork and photographs. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope your daughter
    gets exactly what she wants! Be thinking about you. Hugs! deb Oh ! Psssst.... Happy Tday!

  2. WOW! What wonderful photos you have shared this week, and I am in love with your journal pages...
    Happy T-day

  3. fantastic spread Karla and amazing photos!
    Thank you for sharing !

  4. beautiful spread in your Journal... and your photos make me longing for warmer regions...

  5. Wonderful photos and the Alice page is fabulous, I love those blue cups.Wishing your daughter the very best of luck in her exam scores. Happy T Day :D

  6. I will hold my thumbs for the results for your daughter and hope she gets into the course she hopes for! Lovely photos, the tree is wonderful with all the writing on it. Happy T Tuesday to you! Annette

  7. Tell your daughter we are all pulling for her. She has done her part, now it's up to the Unis to do theirs.

    I saw Alice in Wonderland for the first time a few nights ago. Never had seen OR read it before. You did a marvelous job with Alice and the cups. I can just imagine the Cheshire Cat hiding behind one of them.

    I was very impressed by the photo of Rio from the ferry. I have been making art in my 7 Continents AB and will eventually get to Brazil. Right now, I'm still in Argentina. I look forward to visiting your city in my art.

    Speaking of art, your daughter takes wonderful photos. I was super impressed with the composition of her work.

    Thanks for sharing both Alice and your day trip with us for T this Tuesday.

  8. Your Alice journal spread is just darling!! What a beautiful island to visit-I love that there are no cars too. Sounds like some pretty difficult testing so I hope your daughter makes it into the program she wants. How wonderful that you don't have to pay for the higher education. Happy T day!

  9. Good luck to your daughter! Thank you for sharing your beautiful Alice journal page and the lovely photos from your trip!

  10. Karla your drawing skills are awesome Alice is a delight. And thank you for sharing your picture it was like a mini vacation.

  11. Love your photos! Wish your daughter luck! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  12. Best wishes for a desired result for your daughter!
    We have an island like that in Upper Michigan here in the Midwest but I can't remember the name for the life of me at the moment. They filmed Somewhere In Time there...years ago. Anyways, your island is beautiful! Happy T-Day! :)

  13. I hope your daughter gets good news. I enjoyed hearing about her tests, your beautiful Alice, and the tour of the gorgeous island. What a nice visit to your blog. Thank you!

  14. What delightful journal pages, Karla, your Alice is so lovely!
    Hope your daughter 'gets there,' what long exams, I'm impressed with your free universities, not so here in NZ!

  15. Love your beautiful journal art and best wishes for your daughter. Love the tour as well- thanks for sharing!

  16. Love your pages and the photos make me want to get away from all the rain we are experiencing here in Coos Bay Oregon.

  17. What a joy it was to open your Blog today, Karla. What a feast!! Your art journal pages are MAGNIFICENT. So beautiful and so creative. I enjoyed the photos and now I am worrying with you whether or not your daughter will achieve the result she needs. The waiting must be very difficult. Please let us know what happens next!!
    Cheers and good luck to your daughter, Marie.

  18. Gorgeous photos, and love your Alice page! Good luck to your daughter...sounds like a great score to me, but hope she receives the admission she wants!

  19. LOVE you Alice pages!!! Some beautiful photos too ♥

  20. Greetings to your talented, beautiful doughter, and I hope the rest of courseswill be well.
    Your AJ-spread is beautiful Karla.
    Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  21. I hope your daughter gets the results she wants.

    Beautiful photographs and a wonderful Alice piece

    Love Chrissie

  22. Your alice is so storybook perfect! Lovely photos of the tree!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your daughter!

  23. What a fabulous hand drawn Alice, Karla, she deserves a standing ovation from the UK me thinks. Also I'm sending lots of good luck vibes for your daughter and hope she manages to get herself into university. :D

  24. Good luck for your daughter and thank you for sharing your photos from another part of the world.
    You Alice-Drawing is wonderful!
    Greetings- Kathy

  25. I love your Alice drawing. You are brilliant Karla. And Good Luck for your daughter! xx


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