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quinta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2013

Lovely Women and Abstract in Blue


                                                                           In Love

Abstract in Blue
Works inspired by the artist Tom Fedro.

                                                For Digitalmania and Paint Party Friday

Poetic Postcards
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10 comentários:

  1. Tom Fedro and Amanda Hone are two of my very favorite artists!! Wonderful work here...I see the inspiration!! Good job!! Check out Britto too!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Oooh, those colours ..... Love the textures too in that last piece!

  3. How bold and bright and cheerful! I like the texture you've given the skin on the ladies. Lots of fun!

  4. Love the bold lines and colors! The second one really shows joy. Happy PPF!

  5. I especially love your abstract!

  6. Great paintings. I love the vibrant colours and 'quilt like' feeling of the abstract :)

  7. Oh, I love them! Gorgeous colors. :)

  8. I was not familiar with Tom Fedro. I like his bold use of color and graphic images. I can see how you were inspired.

  9. Wow - love those paintings. So bold and such strong color. I will have to check Tom Fedro out - not familiar with him either.

  10. Love your colourful ladies!
    Happy PPF


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