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terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2014


Saudade is a word that doesn't exist in any other language but mine: Portuguese. There is a quote which defines pretty well what saudade means:

"Saudade is our soul saying where it wants to come back."
Rubens Alves

I don't know if it makes sense in English but I think Saudade is the most beautiful word in the world.

For Three Muses - Written word

Poetic Postcards
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10 comentários:

  1. It is a lyrical! Thank you for teaching!!!

  2. Your picture is so touching and beautiful...I spoke to my husband about "Saudade" he is fluent in Portuguese so explained to me how it is pronounced Sow-daj-ee and how it is used, you are right it is a special word. It reminds me of my Father, and the things we used to share. Thank you my friend.

  3. What a wonderful word. Tour collage is so beautifully done! xx

  4. Great collage for the great word, Soul Sister.

  5. Beautiful word and an intriguing piece, Karla!

  6. Your art beautifully expresses the word. The definition is toiching, and what a pity it doesn't translate into all languages!!! Thanks for sharing, Karla.

  7. Saudade is an universal feeling, and it's a pity that most of us can't express it in an only word...
    Thank you very much for sharing this jewel with us all Karla.
    Your collage is very beautiful! :)

  8. Fascinating! Your collage is wonderful!

  9. what a wonderfully evocative word, and your collage is lovely.

  10. This is beautiful and elegant, Karla, and makes perfect sense ... a very special word.


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