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quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2015

Face 5 - Lisette

I'm worn out. Why is it so difficult to adapt when our holidays are over? After 30 days at home, getting up late, enjoying myself with my girls and thinking about nothing but art, I am back to real life. I just need time to recreate my routine again. I will be okay.Well, hope so.

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  1. Hi Karla. Sorry you are a little in the dumps. It will get better. Love your work. Always something interesting about your faces.Lots of character.

  2. Beautiful !!! I know what ya mean about getting back into the flow. Hugs.

  3. Well, you are certainly back in the groove, art wise. This is lovely!

  4. gorgeous glamour girl Karla! I'm sure you'll get back in the flow of things soon.

  5. Wonderful eyes and hair.
    I would think it is so difficult to work full time and paint for your blog too. Your art is always fantastic.

  6. Stunning face!! Love her and those eyes are entrancing!! All the best adapting to routine again. I think all artist have an aversion to routines!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Wonderful! We only get two weeks off for Christmas and New Year's - and then it is back to real life. I can't imagine ever having a whole month at one time!!


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