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terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2015

Life flows on within you and without you

Within You Without You
-The Beatles-

"We were talking
About the space between us all
And the people
Who hide themselves behind a wall
Of illusion
Never glimpse the truth
When it's far too late
When they pass away

We were talking about the love we all could share
When we find it...
To try our best to hold it there
(with our love)
With our love we could save the world,
If they only knew

Try to realise its all within yourself
No one else can make you change,
And to see you're really only very small
And life flows on within you
And without you

We were talking
About the love thats gone so cold
And the people
Who gain the world and lose their soul
They dont know
They cant see..
Are you one of them?

When you've seen beyond yourself
Then you may find peace of mind is waiting there
And the time will come when you see

We're all one and life flows on within you and without you.

My piece was inspired by this song. I love Lord Ganesha. He is one of my favourite Gods.


Three Muses - The Beatles songs

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10 comentários:

  1. The perfect illustration for that surreal and profound song...great choice and fabulous artwork.

  2. Fantastic art -it so well depicts the song and that spiritual time for the Beatles!

  3. Fantastic art -it so well depicts the song and that spiritual time for the Beatles!

  4. Love your choice of song, Karla, and your illustration of it is amazing.

  5. inspired by an Indian God!
    Herzlich Pippa

  6. The great song and your awesome illustration combine a gorgeous art.

  7. Fantastic presentation of the song, Karla!!

  8. The lyrics of the Beatles' songs always offered much food for thought. Great tribute to the song, Karla.

  9. love your Vibrant ganesha! perfect Interpretation for the challenge!


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