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segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2015

T stands for ATC

Hello My Lovelies!

How are you all? Here we are again!Don't you think time is flying this year? Sometimes I think 24 hours is not enough. I need 48 hours a day. 
Last week, I got my lovely ATC. I confess I love snail mail. It is so exciting to get a letter, imagine a card. My niece was eager to open my envelope. She kept saying:"auntie, what is this? Who sent you?Can I open it?"
 So here it is:

 Thanks so much my friend, I love it!I found 2 quotes to celebrate this moment:

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen
the friendship of those who are throughout
persuaded of each other's worth.
Robert Southey

Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.
Richard Bach

I'd like also to share my old mug and my coffee with you.

 My cake is made of carrots and chocolate and it is yummy yummy.

Have an inspiring week!


T stands for Tuesday
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  1. What a lovley ATC you received! And that cake sounds yummy! I too love snail mail... every snail mail is like a small gift...someone gave you the gift of their time........Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  2. Divers and Sundry had never made an ATC before, and after a bit of prodding, I think I've created a monster. She did a great job for a first attempt, and I'm proud of her accomplishment. I'm so glad you enjoyed your snail mail, and of course, I want a piece of that cake, because carrot cake is my all time favorite!

    Thanks for sharing your mail, your cake, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. I'm counting down to the Rio Olympics!

  3. Karla, alfredo sauce is a white sauce traditionally made from butter, heavy cream, and Parmesan cheese. When I make it at home, I don't use heavy cream, but half and half, the same as I use in my coffee. Thanks for asking.

  4. The ATC is great, the coffee is even better and the carrot cake - oh my, just ate my low-fat diet dinner and am craving that cake now!! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Wonderful ATC that traveled across the miles to you from Nashville!
    The Richard Bach quote is a favorite of mine (oh I like so many quotes ♥ )
    Your coffee and yummy cake are tempting me first thing in the morning dear Karla.
    And you are right snail mail and especially art mail are such a delight!
    Happy T Day oxo

  6. I love the ATC you received, especially since I am a BIG Elvis Presley Fan! She did a wonderful job! I adore carrot cake, too!

  7. I'm glad you liked my first card. :)

    Your cake and coffee looks like a good breakfast. I've never heard of chocolate on carrot cake, but now I'm wondering why not. It looks perfect!

  8. Thank you for sharing this delightful post! Coffee, cake, snail mail, old Elvis photos...these are all things that bring smiles to our faces. :)

  9. I too love getting snail mail. I've been really remiss in sending any out myself so what can a girl expect in return. ;)
    I've never thought of chocolate with carrot cake...very interesting.

  10. Oh YUM!!!! I've never had a carrot cake with chocolate frosting but you can bet it's on my list to make soon!!! Getting "real" mail that is not a bill or "junk" mail is so exciting :)

  11. Oh yes, I love snail mail, especially receiving something. Your ATC plus envelope etc looks sooo nice. Memphis Tenessee and Elvis. Stuff of dreams.
    Have a great week and thanks for popping by earlier,
    ps Now I realise where that little bell sound comes from. We have been puzzling over that for hours last week!

  12. I love getting mail, too. Always makes me smile. Sweet ATC.
    Your cake looks yummy! Happy T-Day! :)

  13. Cool ATC...love the Elvis to go with Memphis! but I am pretty interested in that cake too...! happy T day!

  14. Ooh! Yummy looking cake! I love the Robert Southey quote, he was a great friend of Wordsworth, some one I have a great interest in! Love your mail -if the lady in the post office is right you should receive more by the end of this week! Chrisx

  15. Love your ATC that carrot-chocolate cake looks yummy
    Happy Tuesday


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