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domingo, 2 de novembro de 2014

Inspired by Ada Breedveld


Art Journal Journey challenged us to take inspiration from any famous painter so I paid a tribute to Ada Breedveld who is one of my favourite artists. Her fat tender women make me dream. Her paintings are a celebration of life. Ada is a master for me: she's a self-taught artist. This simple detail is enough to make her work masterpieces, poetic gems. I tried to create something inspired by her work but I know it doesn't do justice to her adorable pieces. Below there are some examples of her paintings:

You can find more about Ada Breedveld here.

Have a magical Sunday!


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14 comentários:

  1. I LOVE what you have made, and Ada's work is breathtaking, I will be looking at more of her work, that's for sure! Thanks for this wonderful contribution to Art Journal Journey. Hugs, Valerie

  2. I adore "TenderWoman" and her sweet bird, wonderful artwork and colours, Karla, and thanks for the introduction to a new (to me) artist.

  3. Nice work with your Tender Woman. Thanks for sharing your inspiration art as well. Love your blog, too.

  4. You piece is adorable Krla and you intruduced me to an artist I didn't know yet.. seh paints adorable art..love this style! Off to check her out to learn more about her!
    Thank you for your participation..I so love to have you with us at
    Art Journal Journey my friend!
    hugs from a November gril to an october girl!

  5. sorry a have a brandnew keyboard and this is to fast for me....

  6. I love this gorgeous zaftig woman--such peace she radiates.

  7. I can definitely see how her work has inspired this piece…..lovely!

  8. I have seen Breedveld's art before, but had no idea who she was. My friend Sally often says heavy women are seldom represented on TV or in the movies, so she likes to watch shows that use large women. She admits she is heavy and has no problem with her body, like some people. Thanks for showcasing this author I knew very little about, and for making such a lovely piece of art yourself in her style.

  9. I think you did a wonderful job being inspired by this artist. I'm here from AEDM and glad to see you here (usually see your work in Sunday Postcard Art). Look forward to seeing more soon!

  10. I think she would be flattered by your wonderful creation. I always liked these paintings but didn't know who the artist was, thanks

  11. I think you have done a great job. She is lovely.

  12. wow wow wow,iam speechless,your big dancing womans of ada are amazing,just love her all,so happy and nice woman you created.

    greetings jeannette

  13. Your painting wonderful and a terrific artist to inspire you

    Love Chrissie x

  14. You Tender Woman is wonderful and I love the inspiration for it too ~ Ada's work is so charmed and charming *and* powerful.


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