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segunda-feira, 11 de novembro de 2013

The happy kingdom in myself

My Kingdom by Louisa May Alcott
A little kingdom I possess 
where thoughts and feelings dwell, 

And very hard I find the task 
of governing it well; 
For passion tempts and troubles me, 
A wayward will misleads, 
And selfishness its shadow casts 
On all my words and deeds. 

How can I learn to rule myself, 
to be the child I should, 
Honest and brave, nor ever tire 
Of trying to be good? 
How can I keep a sunny soul 
To shine along life's way? 
How can I tune my little heart 
To sweetly sing all day? 

Dear Father, help me with the love 
that casteth out my fear; 
Teach me to lean on thee, and feel 
That thou art very near, 
That no temptation is unseen 
No childish grief too small, 
Since thou, with patience infinite, 
Doth soothe and comfort all. 

I do not ask for any crown 
But that which all may win 
Nor seek to conquer any world 
Except the one within. 
Be thou my guide until I find, 
Led by a tender hand, 
Thy happy kingdom in myself 
And dare to take command.

For Collage Obsession


Day 11

Credits also to Random Thoughts at Linda's Place and RDH.

Poetic Postcards
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  1. Oh your poem is nice to go with your art. I am making an album for my self right now. I finished designing the cover myself.. I have alot of scraps and paint also and I deas in my head. I have done three pages on weekend for my second album..On the similar line which you have done. I pain backgrounds t and then smudge. I think I have more paint on me to-day..

    I plan to do more so when my time comes. We do not know when.

    I plan to have atleast twelve homemade albums done for to leave for Grandchildren of my love for scraping and what I have done for me.

    I also want to write poem also. My other passion.

    Your art is amazing and so much love put in it.

  2. I suspect you get tired of reading the word "stunning," "jaw dropping," "unique," or "gorgeous" when I leave a comment. But they all describe how I feel each time I visit.

    BTW, are my eyes deceiving me, is my monitor screen on the fritz, or did you change the colors on your blog header?

  3. You are beautiful and your art is fabulous, my friend.

  4. What beautiful work and poetry to go with it!

  5. Karla, I would hang this in my living room it's stunning!

  6. This one is gorgeous. I grew up with Louisa M Alcott and this poem brings back so many memories.

  7. Amazing color and texture, Karla. Beautiful to behold. And thanks for revisiting Alcott too!

  8. The poem is one I'd never heard of-it's really beautiful. I absolutely love your image. The colors, textures, and subject matter are fabulous.

  9. This is gorgeous you always choose such wonderful details Karla and the words are extraordinary...I love the whole new look of your blog you have been busy.

  10. This is so pretty, Karla. I feel as if I know you a little bit better!


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