“Art is literacy of the heart” Elliot Eisner / “Arte não é pureza; é purificação, não é liberdade; é libertação.” Clarice Lispector

domingo, 10 de novembro de 2013


Given angel's wings, where might you fly?
In what sweet heaven might you find your love?
Unwilling to be bound, where might you move,
Lost between the wonder and the why?...

~Nicholas Gordon

Take a Word - Balloons

Poetic Postcards
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13 comentários:

  1. Oh wow, Karla, this is an amazingly touching and beautiful piece. Perfectly illustrated verse.

  2. This has EVERYTHING, Karla - romance, excitement, a story to tell, EVERYTHING. I love the originality of the idea and the way you have illustrated it. PERFECTION.

  3. I love the art AND the quote is equally lovely. Nice use of color and texture. (By the way, your new blog banner is a feast of color as well!)

  4. Gorgeous piece, Karla, love your new-look blog too!

  5. Esse é o tipo de voo que costuma dar vertigens! ;-)
    Belo poema.

  6. oh yes, unknown it is ... your new header is fantastic, too!

  7. Ah, I thought your picture had changed. This image is very linked to the backstory. I love it.

  8. Absolutely fantastic Karla! Love it! xx

  9. Love the balloon as a backdrop...beautiful work Karla.

  10. How could anyone resist a proposal like that? Beautiful collage! Your new header is wonderful, too.

  11. A balloon trip is as unknown as a love story...
    Well done Karla!
    I love it and your new blog too! :)

  12. Your pieces always have a story to tell. I guess that's because you are a poet!


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