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terça-feira, 12 de novembro de 2013

My Doll's House

(click to enlarge and see the details)

To me in my childhood, elves and fairies and all sorts were very real things, and my dolls were as really children as I was myself a child
Annie Besant 

For Inspiration Avenue - Houses


Day 12

I am grateful to all designers who share their wonderful kits generously with us.Without you,
I couldn't have created the doll's house above. Thanks Molemina, Bel's Scrap, Jaelop, Vera's Scrap, Typus and
if I forgot somebody, forgive me.

Poetic Postcards
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11 comentários:

  1. And to think you make it all look SO easy. Every detail is covered in this doll's house, all the way to the attic. Lovely entry and now I want a doll house, too.

  2. I loved my dollhouse and mine was a 2 story one.. Your one is very cute love the fairies..

  3. This is wonderful! I love the fairy and the dolls in the house. It caught my eye instantly.

  4. I love the fairy by the tree, looking a little mischievous though, I think. ;) Wonderful!

  5. That's really cute! Must have been a lot of work putting it all together! Super sweet :)

  6. I had a two story doll house also first spoiled kid on the block. My big brother made it for me.

    he even used real roof tiles. This is cute.

  7. Very cool dollhouse! I love that the attic even has some things in it.

  8. I love love love love this one. I had a beloved doll house when I was a little girl and when my daughter was five, I asked my father to build her one for Christmas. He was so excited about this task... I need to take that out and do some refurbishing. Now you've inspired me again! How I love visiting here!

  9. Doll houses hold a special place in my heart. This one looks like it would be lots of fun to explore.


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