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terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2014

A sip of coffee and History

Hello Elizabeth, Hello Everybody!

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your lovely comments and apologize for not being able to comment your work as I like doing because it's almost end of term here and I have been pretty busy. It's not that easy to evaluate students. But I try to follow Paulo Freire's ideas and I found some quotes to share with you:

I teach because I search, because I question, and because I submit myself to questioning. 
 Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

No one can be in the world, with the world, and with others and maintain a posture of neutrality. I cannot be in the world decontextualized, simply observing life. 
Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

Freedom is not the absence of limits. What I have sought always is to live the tension, the contradiction, between authority and freedom so as to maintain respect for both. 
 Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

Only through communication can human life hold meaning. 
 Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

No one can be authentically human while he prevents others from being so. 
 Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator and philosopher. Needless to say we love him. He thought people couldn't be passive recipients of knowledge as we were during dictatorship. Do you believe I only studied the History/ Geography of my country during dictatorship? Books, songs and films were censored, people were killed or made political prisoners, my own uncle had to spend some time in an asylum after being arrested in a protest march, it was a sad moment that began the year I was born and finished 24 years later so I spent part of my life caged and not only me, a lot of people were silenced. I thank my father for giving me wings in a time when all we could do was to crawl. I remember we used to read in the dark a newspaper which was against the system. He taught me to resist fear many times. Freedom is a blessing, read what you want is a blessing, expose your thoughts freely is a blessing. 

Have a magical day and believe me you are a blessing too!


For T stands for Tuesday

Poetic Postcards
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12 comentários:

  1. I nearly cried when I read this post. I love the poppies. I KNEW I would see poppies today, but didn't realize they were that influential in your country.

    What a brave life you have had. I feel so lucky that I was born in a country where none of those things happened to me. But I see more and more how we are turning away from what our country was built on. I just hope what happened to you, never happens to me. I appreciate your wonderful words that show how you were raised and what you believe in.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely art and your history with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Hello and Happy T Day! Thank you for sharing this for us today, my heart goes out to you. So glad you had a brave wise father who did so much for you. Beautiful art and poppies. Thank you again.

  3. So poignant, karla. It is difficult for people in peaceful countries to truly understand how peace and happiness are more important when you have fought for them, like you have.

  4. Love the image with the poppies and your quotes too, you were lucky to have a father who was prepared to break the rules to give you something more than was allowed. Happy T on Tuesday to you. Annette

  5. Thank you for the coffee and the wisdom my friend.

  6. Beautiful image you created.
    Happy T Day!

  7. what a beautiful piece of art Karla! Thank you for sharing those wise quotes. Your story is very touching and reminds us of the courage many of our forefathers had to have in order to survive. How wonderful your family was able to convey it to you. Blessings to you and yours. Happy T day!

  8. So lovely and brave...adore your art, the wonderful quotes, and the story of how your father taught you to be brave. We in the U.S. are fortunate not to have face (blatant) censorship and imprisonment for our opinions. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful for what we have, and those who have fought to provide it for us! blessings to you...♥

  9. Your beautiful remembrance art piece is wonderful
    your words have moved me greatly.
    Thank you for sharing and touching my he♥rt.
    Brightest of Blessings to you and yours
    and Happy T Day
    p.s. I must share some of your quotes with our youngest son who thinks he wants to be a teacher...the first one is especially fitting!

  10. A beautiful piece of art to share with us as well as an insight into your earlier life. We all owe our parents alot in one way or another.
    Thanks fo ryour visit.

  11. What a beautiful painting! And what a lot you have been through. I was thinking of all the nastiness that just went on before the elections and thinking that we should be glad people are allowed to say whatever they want here...even if they can be nasty sometimes. What a touching post. Happy T- Day! :)

  12. Belated T-day wishes, and thanks for stopping by my blog this week.
    Beautiful painting!!!


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