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terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2015

T stands for Solidarity / Solidariedade

Hello My Lovely Friends!

I hope you are well! Today I want to share some pages with you from my altered book. It's my tribute to coffee - one of our typical drinks.
I also want to pay a tribute to the people of  Bento Rodrigues in Mariana (Minas Gerais) who lost everything in a dam burst at a mining site here. The city is devastated. You can only see mud there. Nothing remained and many are still missing. My heart goes to them and cries for them.
If you want to read about what happened, click here.

Espero que o que houve em Mariana nos mostre que precisamos mudar.O povo não tem que continuar pagando por erros que não cometeu. 

T stands for Tuesday

In Solidarity, 
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17 comentários:

  1. I looked at the different articles on this disaster and I feel so sorry for these people. It looks like some left with mostly the clothes on their backs and what little they could stuff into a plastic bag. So sad.

    Your coffee drawing looks awesome. That is a beautiful spread and the lady has such expressive eyes. Thanks for sharing this spread and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Also, thanks for this update, because I had not heard of this disaster until now.

  2. Pretty journal page Karla.
    Thanks for sharing the article on the disaster, I had not heard of it either........but then I don't watch much news. My heart aches for them.
    Happy T-day

  3. That is so sad for everyone involved about that burst dam. My daughter works in a mine too so its always at the back of my mind when mining disasters happen

  4. I saw the pictures on TV, it was so awful. Those poor people. Your journal page is beautiful, as always. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. I am so sorry about this desaster - my heart is with them - unbelievable .
    Your Art Journal pages are so pretty my friend!
    Happy T-Day!

  6. awesome journaling, karla, as always!
    i can´t even imagine the sadness caused by this Desaster in minas gerais... my prayers are with them.

  7. How awful! I read the article and watched the video. (No, I didn't know about it but that's my own fault: we don't have a television. And I get my news from the internet.) People have lost everything! And many killed no doubt. We will be praying.
    What a pretty and colorful journal page!
    Happy T Day,

  8. Very sorry for such a tragedy occurring...
    hard to find words really.
    Sending prayers of healing and peace.
    Your coffee pages are so colorful and lovely.
    Happy T Day Karla oxo

  9. What a tragedy-so much loss. Sending thoughts and prayers. I love your oh so pretty coffee journal pages! Happy T day to you.

  10. What a terrible tragedy! I wonder how one could ever recover from something like this? I will keep them in my prayers. Your AB spread is beautiful--so colorful!

  11. I think i did here a headline or two about this disaster but i had not read into it. So sad.
    I love your ArtJournal page. Hugs! deb

  12. I watch the news but hadn't heard about this tragedy. I wonder why they cover some of the relatively insignificant stories yet don't cover this. So sad :(

    I'll join your tribute to coffee. Happy T Day!

  13. So sorry of the loss of the 12 people and who knows by now more.

    God Bless Karla.

  14. A tragic disaster for the people who lost their homes, and possibly family members to the mudslide! So thoughtful of you to share this on your blog...and the colorful, hopeful art you've shared! do keep us posted about this if you can... T Tuesday regards to you! ♥

  15. I love your journal page -a lovely happy page and such a contrast to the sad news -we saw this on the news programme! Such a tragedy! Chrisx

  16. So awful...I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like. On a brighter note though...your book page is wonderfully bright and whimsical.
    Happy T day---a little late

  17. I'm sooo late visiting everyone, should be smacked hard on the wrist! ;) Such devastation in your picture, the families affected, I am surprised that there seems to be no mention on the news of the disaster. Your journal page in contrast, is lovely and full of joy and hope.


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