“Art is literacy of the heart” Elliot Eisner / “Arte não é pureza; é purificação, não é liberdade; é libertação.” Clarice Lispector

sábado, 24 de outubro de 2015

In paradise

“The love of wilderness is more than a hunger for what is always beyong reach; it is also an expression of loyalty to the earth, the earth which bore us and sustains us, the only paradise we shall ever know, the only paradise we ever need, if only we had the eyes to see.” 
― Edward Abbey

Take a Word
Digital Whisper

Woman, butterfly, birds, red flowers - Itkupilli

 photo ppo1.jpg

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  1. in paradise!
    herzlich pippa

  2. Brilliant digi art! Clever you. I was just saying to another blog friend that I have dabbled a bit and I have set myself the task of learning Photoshop Elements this winter. I have an older version but if I learn how to use it I have promised myself a newer version. So Your beautiful picture is saying to me: Have a go and try!
    Thanks for visiting ear;lier,
    Have a good week,

  3. Beautiful vibrant colors and images . A wondrous collage!

  4. Fabulous details wonderful colors...well done.

  5. Fabulous details wonderful colors...well done.

  6. Lindo, Karla. Bela citação. BTW, adorei sua garota na janela. Uma delícia!

  7. I adore how you create from the poetry. Gorgeous work. I love poetry and art.

  8. Great combination of these images and words. Ulrike

  9. Beautiful imagery Karla! I love these colors a lot! :)

  10. Paradise is the perfect name for this piece. The colors are just beautiful. The words are so very true♥

  11. Lover your header! It's been so long since I have been able to be here, I do not even know if it is "new". lol I have missed your wonderful art, you always delight with your talent!

  12. Gorgeous piece!
    Thanks for playing in this challenge :)


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