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segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2015

There's a mermaid in your cup

Hello My Lovelies!

How are you today? Well I've got a sore throat. The weather has been so changeable here. It's been pretty cold but I love winter. 

I am still waiting for my PIF partner to get in touch with me. I made 3 ATCS. Hope she likes it.

I am very sad. We were told we will have to leave our school because it will become a primary school only. My colleagues are desolated and so am I. We are secondary/high school teachers. It is hard to go away after so many years together. I am worried. And you, how do you face changes? Do you adapt easily? I don't. Hope we can survive more one change.


T stands for Tuesday

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  1. Your mermaid in a cup is adorable. I'm so used to seeing your digital entries, this was quite a surprise (and delight). As for change, I guess it depends. I've had to give up long term friendships due to my move to complete my education. I sometimes make friends easily and can be the "life of the party." Other times I sit like a wallflower and don't open my mouth. I think it has to do with the vibe I get. I hope you and your friends get to stay together, and if not, will at least stay close.

    I'll leave Chris a comment on her blog and ask her to contact you about the ATC.

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us for T this Tuesday. She's quite lovely.

  2. So adorable ! Hope you will feel good with a new school Karla!
    finger crossed for you!
    Happy - Day!

  3. This is definitely not good news - when I was teaching there was talk of the Special school where I taught closing down and joining with another school - which then changed to another school closing down and joining us - the upheaval it caused was horrendous. . . . . but in the end everyone settled in! Your situation is totally different and I do so hope that you can find a way to make it an advantage! I hope you will be able to stay in touch with your colleagues. I am sorry it took a while to get an email off to you - I sent it yesterday so if you haven't received it please leave a comment on my blog again. Hope your throat feels better soon. I will be joining in later -Happy T day! Chrisx

  4. Your mermaid looks lost...lovely teacup. Change is hard for some, others find it easy. I am about to change job positions and I look at it as an exciting adventure. I'm an optimist

  5. I love your beautiful mermaid in the tea cup Karla! I am so sorry about your teaching position. Something like this -losing not only the job of many years but the friends and students-that would be devastating to me too. It may help to change focus a bit and work on your next teaching adventure. Feel better soon and a happy T day!

  6. Your mermaid in the tea cup is oh so precious!
    A sore throat on top of that very unsettling news...very sorry to read it.
    I drag my feet at change but try to remind myself that all will be well.
    Every ending is a chance for a new beginning.
    Sending very best wishes your way.
    Take care dear one oxo

  7. Your art piece is adorable. Your art pieces are master pieces in my eyes as others see. Sorry about your teachers position. Also your throat. being irritable.

    Your such a talented lady. Trust the Lord will have better things ahead for you.

    I will pray for you.

    Hugs x

  8. I feel like joining your mermaid and peeking out of the lovely cup. We'd sure get some odd looks lol

    Change is hard, especially big ones like you're facing. At least these days we can stay in touch with folks through the internet. I hope your situation works out in a way that isn't too hard on you.

  9. Such a wonderful work of art, Karla! The mermaid looks so beautiful in the lovely cup. Well done my friend!
    Mar xx

  10. Such a sweet mermaid in your cup! So sorry to hear of the change in your school, and I do hope it will work out ok for you. One of my favorite quotes is:

    "Change is inevitable, suffering is optional. When one door closes, another door opens. You have successfully navigated through changes before. And you will successfully do it again." Hope that helps a little...good luck!!

  11. Thanks for sharing your lovely art today--the cup is really beautifully decorated and the mermaid sweet! I don't usually like change, but I do firmly believe things happen for a reason. Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Your mermaid is ever so cute. I would be ducking down to hide in the face of change. I don't do it well I'm afraid, yet I have to try and teach my Wee Man that change can be good and not a scary thing. His autism makes change a real challenge for him. Happy T Day. I hope you feel better soon :D

  13. Changes are sometimes necessary, and there can be a beginning of somethin good... Hope you will be familiar to your new job soon, Karla.
    Lovely mermaid piece, Soul Sister-

  14. Oh Karla! I don't adapt very well at all... Not at first anyway... but i do come around and i'm sure so will you... Just try to remember change CAN be good... Love your mermaid in a cup! Hugs! deb


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