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quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2015

My Goddesses

 Kuan Yin

If with kindly generosity 
One merely has the wish to soothe 
The aching hearts of other beings, 
Such merit has no bounds.

 Kuan Yin

The Cosmic Goddess 

"Cosmic Goddess Consciousness awakens within us a deep Understanding of the Laws of Creation. All matter is ruled by spiritual laws and principles which are governed by the heavenly bodies of intelligence, put into place to oversee the manifestation of worlds."
 Shannon Port

 Goddess Konohana

"She is the luminous space that opens within you as you shed the borrowed masks and painful habits of separation and come closer to Self. When the body awakens with Her, you will see the inherent Presence in all things, you “see with a thousand eyes”. She is the intoxicating beauty of pure perception. She is You."
 ~ Chameli Ardagh


The spirit of the Great Mother is in every, every scripture.The Sacred Feminine, the Great Mother, the Holy Woman, She Who Is Called By Many Names. She Who Hears the Cries of the World. The Mother Goddess takes manifests multitudinously as earth and water. She has but doesn't possess, acts but doesn't expect. She who is Earth and Her people are the same.We mend and weave the web of Life together. May the Great Mother continue blessing us all and calling us back to Life.

 The Maiden

"The Radiant Goddess is an essence of your soul. She rises within your innermost heart to reveal and unlock orchestrated fields of awareness that live at the core of Life and the heart of the Universe. The Goddess unites the masculine and feminine aspects of your being, and awakens the peace, wholeness, wisdom, perspectives and virtues that are native to the Higher Self.

The Great Goddess

The Goddess within is bursting forth, and by stepping into this vision, we do no 'become' empowered. We exist within our conscious awareness, living life by 'being' empowered. The concept of divine woman as an instrument of the All is re-emerging to speak this message loud and clear, in effort to re-balance our world.

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  1. you should have a great exhibition! did you ever have one?
    the first - I would put it on my wall.
    the last - Gaugin as he lived and lives.
    Herzlich Pippa

  2. a beautiful, colorful pictures and a matching quotes it - I like it.

  3. Gorgeous Goddesses! I'd like to know how you made them, SoulSister - I never have this talent.

  4. Wow...Karla!!! Your Goddesses are really gorgeous. The creativity is abundant throughout. Great quotes too!
    Hugs, Mar

  5. Karla your artwork is amazing...everyone unique and gorgeous.

  6. Karla your artwork is amazing...everyone unique and gorgeous.


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