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segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2015

T stands for the windmills of my mind

Hello Elizabeth!Hello My Lovelies!

Hope life has been treating you well. It's Fall here and on June 21st Winter begins. It's getting dark early and it's been cold most of times. Love the weather now.
Can't hard wait for SOC which is inspiring in so many ways. If you can, join us. It is a wonderful adventure.

 I don't have much to say. My shoulder is better and foot too. It's strange how many diseases we develop because of our profession. Now I've got bursitis (left shoulder),  tendinitis ( a tendon was inflammed 2 weeks ago) and OCD. My doctor told me to forget the board as if it was easy for a teacher to do that. It is strange to grow old. My body doesn't want to obey me anymore and I can't control my heart either. Sometimes I catch myself weeping because of an old song or something like that. But if you ask me if I would like to be a teen right now, I would say "nope". I can live without Facebook, What's up and etc. Besides I feel most of adolescents suffer from amnesia here nowadays. If you ask them how old their parents are or when their birthdays are. they never know as well as they simply ignore how many people die to set this country free from dictatorship.Sign of times huh!

I found a poem I want to share with you:

Two Men & a Truck

Once, I was as large
as any living creature could be.

I could lift the world and carry it
from my breast to its bath.

When I looked down from the sky
you could see the love in my eye:

“Oh, tiny world, if anything
ever happened to you, I would die.”

And I said, “No!” to the hand. Snatched
the pebble from the mouth, fished it out

and told the world it would choke!
Warned the world over & over! “Do

you hear me? Do you want to choke?!”

But how was the world to know
what the truth might be? Perhaps

they grant you special powers, these

choking stones. Maybe

they change the child into a god, all-swallowing.

For, clearly, there were other gods.
The world could see

that I, too, was at the mercy of something.
Sure, I could point to the sky

and say its name, but I couldn’t make it change.
Some days it was blue, true, but others

were ruined by its gray:
“I’m sorry, little world —

no picnic, no parade, no swimming pool today ... ”

And the skinned knee in spite of me.
And why else would there be

such terror in the way she screamed, and the horn honking,

and the squealing wheels, and, afterward, her cold

sweat against my cheek?

Ah, she wants us to live forever.

It’s her weakness ... Now I see!

But, once, I was larger
than any other being —

larger, perhaps, than any being
had any right to be.

Because, of course, eventually, the world
grew larger, and larger, until it could lift

me up and put me down anywhere
it pleased. Until, finally, I would need

its help to move the bird bath, the book-
shelf, the filing cabinet. “And

could you put my desk by the window, sweetie?”

A truck, two men, one of them my son, and
everything I ever owned, and they

didn’t even want to stop for lunch.

Even the freezer. Even the piano.
(“You can have it if you can move it.”)

But, once, I swear, I was ... And now
this trunk in the attic to prove it:

These shoes in the palm of my hand?
You used to wear them on your feet.

This blanket the size of a hand towel?
I used to wrap it around you sleeping

in my arms like this. See? This
is how small the world used to be when

everything else in the world was me.

Have an inspiring month!
T stands for Tuesday

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11 comentários:

  1. What a gorgeous entry for T this week. It is beautiful in its repetitive sort of way. And your poem hit home, at least for many parents, I'm sure. It's sad how as we age, we feel the aches and suddenly realize how much we've slowed down. Things we could do with ease yesterday are suddenly much harder to accomplish. I can truly understand your pain. Thanks for sharing these beauties with us for T this week. It seems you often share something that starts a conversation.

  2. Your poem made my heart lurch and I'm trying not to let my eyes fill up as I am going out for coffee with friends quite soon and my mascara would run. It is an incredibly moving poem and I am grateful that you shared it. So much of it 'hits home'. Thank you, for your sweet comment on my post, I wish you an easier month but not too cold as winter begins. Happy T Day Karla :o) xo

  3. Very moving poem Karla.
    Everything changes doesn't it.
    Hope you are feeling better and enjoy some cozy times with your coming winter.
    Happy T Day and Happy June!

  4. Oh that poem made me misty. Here we are 3 days from the end of school. My oldest 3 years and 3 days from graduation. How does the time go so fast...and all the things he has yet to learn. sigh
    Take care and enjoy the cooling temps.
    Happy T day!

  5. Gorgeous digital art Karla! And wow- such a moving poem, and so true. Glad you are feeling better-it sure does bring the reality of growing older in perspective doesn't it? You enjoy your cooler temps whilst I enjoy our warming into summer. Happy T day!

  6. You had my heart weeping.......grown old is not for sissies and I wonder how the, now young, will handle it. It has become such a "ME" world and yet they share EVERYTHING via their cell phones. That is why I so LOVE getting my GKs to teach them a different side of life.

    Happy T-day

  7. such a moving and thought-provoking poem! it certainly is true... as our body becomes less resilient, we still have the ability to cherish each moment and the memories. Perhaps slowing down a bit is what awakens us to how quickly time passes...and the importance of enjoying the moment we are in. Enjoy each one dear! happy T day!

  8. Happy Tday!!! What a lovely poem. Thank you so much for sharing . I hope you'll pop over for a visit!! Hugs! deb

  9. I'm glad some body parts are better, anyways. Yes, life changes on us quite gradually.
    Love the poem. I could totally relate. Happy T-Day! :)

  10. Glad you are feeling better. You are looking forward to winter and I am loving our warming temps and the heat of summer. I've always been a summer person. The poem was very touching and so real . Thanks for sharing it!

  11. first: great artwork, i really love the look of this.

    then: your post really touched my heart. i´m gonna write you a private email about it.


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