“Art is literacy of the heart” Elliot Eisner / “Arte não é pureza; é purificação, não é liberdade; é libertação.” Clarice Lispector

quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2015

Here and Now

“If you only had 48 hours left to live, would you spend it like you normally spend your weekends? If not, why spend 2/7th of your life wasting your free time? After all, free time isn’t free. Free time is the most expensive time you have, because nobody pays for it but you. But that also makes it the most valuable time you have, as you alone stand to reap the profits from spending it wisely.” 
― Jarod Kintz


I was featured on Paint Party Friday with my painting.

Paint Party Friday: Week 46, Year 4 Check-In




Paint Party Friday

Poetic Postcards
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23 comentários:

  1. Love what you have made, and the wonderful quote! Thanks for joining us at Moo Mania and More! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Fantastic spread Karla my friend! Thank you for sharing


    The quote is gorgeous - so wise!

  3. Wonderful pages and quote, dear Karla.

    Thank you for joining us at MOO-MANIA & MORE CHALLENGE

  4. What a very interesting thought.
    But then if I only had 48 hours to live I wouldn't do housework or finish my knitting or keep up the slimming diet or .......
    But it's still a very interesting thought.
    Love your drawing of the girl with time racing away on the right.

  5. Love this face and the beautiful eyes. Great pages and fantastic words.
    Hugs, Mar

  6. Oh my how true your words are and this artwork is amazing :)

  7. Great journal spread Karla!! I love that quote- perfect! huge hugs xo

  8. Good site and good reflection. Saludos

  9. Wonderful flow of color and form! Happy PPF!

  10. Your poetic postcards are always vibrant. Really great job Karla. :) Thanks for stopping by me blog.:))

  11. Sage page my dear!! Really great!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. thoughtful quote and a beautiful journal spread-she's beautiful!

  13. Your here and now is so pretty, Karla. Nicely done.

  14. beautiful pages, and so agree about how precious free time is!

  15. That quote is true, one has to make most of time, live in it, not mourn about the past, not be worried about the future.

    Easily said, and so damn hard to do!

  16. I think I spend a lot of time doing things I love and neglecting the necessary tasks. Great quote! Good to stop and ask yourself that question!
    Happy PPF

  17. I've never seen that quote before, and it's sooo true!
    We're real homebodies and spend most weekends doing "nothing much" - luckily I can feel a little less guilty today as we just got home from taking the kids to a new water park ;)
    And congrats on being the featured artist on ppf this week!

  18. How pretty! Such a sweet journal spread :)

  19. Gorgeous pages. I love that face and the flowing hair. Great quote with very wise advice too. Congrats on being featured at Paint Party Friday.


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