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quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2014

Seasons of Hope

It is weird to think about autumn when spring has just started here. I think fall stands for hope and preparation: Mother Earth is almost ready for her annual slumber ( winter) and hope because it is a time for counting our blessings before hibernation. Maybe this tag doesn't do justice to the beauty of autumn but when I created it I could only think of the warmth of spring and how much I love fairies. 

For Moomania


Haunted Humpday


Inspiration Avenue


Tag Along

Poetic Postcards
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10 comentários:

  1. Gorgeous
    Such bright and inviting colors!
    Thank you Karla !!!

  2. What a pretty tag, love your fairy's wings. I think hope is perfect for any season! Cheers, Sarah

  3. A very beautiful tag, Karla.

    Thank you for joining us at MOO-MANIA & MORE

  4. Fairies are fab for all seasons, aren't they?..
    You are lucky to be in Brasil and to smell spring now!
    We didn't not have a special summer here this year and now the nights are already frosty brrr..
    we have to heat the house ....

    A gorgeous tag is this Karla! A big Thnas for this says the MOO MANIA & MORE soul in me!

  5. Love the juxtaposition of vivid and muted colors, Karla. It beautifully shows the transition of seasons. Great for the Tag Along Challenge Blog this week!

  6. This tag is very original. I love the images and design.
    Mar x

  7. Truly beautiful. And the fairies magical and mischievous, recalling the changing seasons.

  8. Look what happens when I'm out of the house for two days. You go and post about 100 lovely pieces of art. OK, I exaggerated, but I simply can't keep up with all the lovely faces you have posted since I saw you last (on Tuesday). And of course, I adore this one. I agree that many of these challenges seem to be geared to the northern hemisphere, but you have not only done a beautiful job on these challenges, you have also done a fantastic job justifying how you created this tag. Lovely!

  9. Beautiful tag Karla! I love fairies- everyone should believe in them! Your colors are so beautiful and yes don't think of fall- breathe in your spring!! xo

  10. This is such a lovely creation it is inspirational.
    I must say that is pretty weird to think you are starting Spring while I'm heading into the big freeze, that's another reason I love these challenges it helps me to really consider what others are experiencing and I hope it helps to make me a more understanding person...enjoy a lovely Spring my friend, our Autumn is my favorite time of year...if it just didn't end in winter brrr.


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