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domingo, 25 de maio de 2014

I believe you can fly - Eu acho que você pode voar

First in English:
My love for books began when I was six and mum gave me Alice in Wonderland. I still have
that book and it is magical. I may be wrong but true freedom happens when you can read
and understand the world within and around you. I am going to leave you a quote that is my motto:

“I owe everything I am and everything I will ever be to books.” 
Gary Paulsen

Have a magical day!

Credits also to: background paper - Salt Town Studio, the girl I extracted from a 1930's magazine,
floor - Cestrelle, note - Sem fundo.

In Portuguese:

Meu amor pelos livros começou quando eu tinha seis anos e ganhei de minha mãe Alice no País das Maravilhas. Ainda tenho esse livro e é mágico. Posso estar errada mas a verdadeira liberdade acontece quando você pode ler e entender o mundo dentro e fora de você. Vou deixar uma citação que é tudo pra mim:

Devo tudo que sou e tudo que serei aos livros.
Gary Paulsen

Tenha um dia mágico!

For Take a Word - Books

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12 comentários:

  1. It's true what you say about reading and books. They are the base to sivilization. Your collage is beautiful, Karla.

  2. Oh Karla, what a WONDERFUL piece!!

  3. I have missed you Karla. Sorry I've been gone so long.

    This is a wonderful artistic entry and a fabulous quote. The woman looks like she fits right in, although she is from another era. Truly lovely and timeless.

  4. Your love of books is clearly evident in this gorgeous piece, Karla. It's lovely.

  5. I also really love books and I like the genial quote. A fantastic work!
    Hugs, Mar

  6. Fabulous piece, Karla, an awesome quote, too!

  7. I agree, Karla. I was fortunate to have a teacher who ignited a fascination for books, and I read everything I could lay my hands on. Nothing enhances an education more than reading! I love your art too!!!

  8. Magnificent art work Kalka. I too love books. My Mom started to read to me very small also.

    I even got back then a certificate in grade two for the best verbal expressions reader in my class. I got a book given to me called Five Little Puppies. I gave it to my oldest granddaughter who is in University
    to be a teacher . My entry is up.

  9. A beautiful piece and quote Karla! xx

  10. A fantastic job on this Karla.

  11. I'm overwhelmed! You're so right and I feel exact the same way about books as you. And I love your artwork - perfect!
    Best wishes, manus


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