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quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014

The Morrighan

A prayer to Morrighan

Blessed Morrighan, whose sacred names are three,
I do not pray for strength, for you show me the strength within me.

I do not pray for courage, for I follow you willingly into battle.

I do not pray for wisdom, for you teach me of the Crone within me.
I do not pray for blessings, because I live each day in blessed Magick, following the ways of the wise.
I do not pray for prosperity, for I live in gratitude of the abundance which flows through my life.
I do not pray for love, for love runs like water to me through my family and friends.

I pray to remember these gifts, for in my despair I can lose my way, and lose my awareness that I am a daughter of your ways.
I pray to remember that when I look into my image, your face is reflected there, and I can carry any burden because you live within me.

The Morrighan is the Celtic goddess of battle ad war.

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