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domingo, 26 de janeiro de 2014

Till you filled my Summer with plentiful gifts

Sonnet XXV

Before I loved you, love, nothing was my own:
I wavered through the streets, among
Nothing mattered or had a name:
The world was made of air, which waited.

I knew rooms full of ashes,
Tunnels where the moon lived,
Rough warehouses that growled 'get lost',
Questions that insisted in the sand.

Everything was empty, dead, mute,
Fallen abandoned, and decayed:
Inconceivably alien, it all

Belonged to someone else - to no one:
Till your beauty and your poverty
Filled the autumn plentiful with gifts.” 

For Take a Word - Couples

Poetic Postcards
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9 comentários:

  1. Belos poema e imagem! Gostei muito do efeito texturizado.

  2. Beautiful layering and colors! The poem adds another dimension of wonderful meaning.

  3. i totally second bill... great piece of art!

  4. You brighten my day dear Karla with your beautiful colour! And a great sonnet to go with! xx

  5. What a fascinating and original painting, Karla, and thanks so much for showing us the poem, I am going to have to find out about this poet.

  6. Fabulous my friend...the art, the word fabulous.

  7. Splendid colors and texture!
    Abstract and realistic at the same time.
    Brilliant dear Karla!


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