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segunda-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2014

Meet me in Paris

by Arthur Symons

My Paris is a land where twilight days
Merge into violent nights of black and gold;
Where, it may be, the flower of dawn is cold:
Ah, but the gold nights, and the scented ways!


Eyelids of women, little curls of hair,
A little nose curved softly, like a shell,
A red mouth like a wound, a mocking veil:
Phantoms, before the dawn, how phantom-fair!


And every woman with beseeching eyes,
Or with enticing eyes, or amorous,
Offers herself, a rose, and craves of us
A rose's place among our memories.

For Lunagirl - Meet me in Paris

Poetic Postcards
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3 comentários:

  1. a very classy piece! thank you for joining us at lunagirl moonbeams! xo

  2. Superb, so beautifuly done. Love Paris and this!

  3. Very beautiful and dramatic. Thanks for joining my Meet Me in Paris challenge at LunagirlMoonbeams.com!


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