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domingo, 12 de janeiro de 2014


The Winter Wind
by Louisa Lawson

The winter wind! e wh-e-e, e wh-e-e!
It bites and smites and chases me,
And pelts with boughs and shrieks with glee,
This winter wind so fierce and free;
Till wide-eyed stars so white and wee
Peer through the scud all fearsomely.
The love-warm rose no longer now
Clings fondly round fair nature's brow;
But in its place the chill winds roam
Through locks as white as frozen foam.
The winter wind so fierce and free
Has wrought this change. Ah me! Ah me!
Her dress that once was green and bright
Is stiffened sheer and bleached to white.
And where did rose and lily be
Are flecks of frosty filigree
His breath is death, his voice is dree,
This winter wind so fierce and free.

Louisa Lawson (1848 - 1920) was an Australian poet and writer.

For Collage Obsession - Frozen

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10 comentários:

  1. Beautiful scene I adore the dog and that poem is wonderful.

  2. This is beautiful! I've never read that poem before.

  3. This is an absolutely stunning piece of art! I love the black and red against the white- so dramatic.

  4. It looks and feels frozen. Well done!

  5. Wonderful . . . love the splashes of red.

  6. Que lindo! Eu nunca me sinto inspirada em se tratando desse tema. Eu sequer sei o que é o Inverno!

  7. Wonderfuly done snow. Very beautiful art work, my friend.

  8. I can feel the cold! I love the touches of red. The poem is beautiful.


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