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segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2013

Rhapsody in Red

The taste for quotations (and for the juxtaposition of incongruous quotations) is a Surrealist taste.
Susan Sontag

I think I have a surreal taste!

For Collage Obsession

Credits to It's a Dream, Gothic Inspirations and Far Far Hill.

My collage before sinking.

Poetic Postcards
 photo pp3.jpg

8 comentários:

  1. I think you do too. Great piece!

  2. The collage before sinking is full of incongruous things f.ex. rat, bleeding heart... your works are so gorgeous. I think only you can know all about the "red" collage. Great art, Karla!!

  3. This is superb Kaylene I adore the red frogs.

  4. Sorry Karla I know you're not Kaylene I just woke up and the old brain isn't working yet...lol forgive me please.

  5. Well, yes this is incongrous and fun!!

  6. Really well done. Great idea of sinking the collage. Love the red frogs.


  7. These are both great. I love the sinking one.


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