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terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2017

T stands for Time

Hello My T-Friends!
I guess I am late again but here I am. Today I want only papaya, mango juice, a toast and ricotta spread. because it is very hot. Tomorrow I start work so I created a page thinking about time which in my opinon passed so quickly this january. Sometimes I think holidays should have 48 hours each day so that we all could rest more. But life is so fast these days, it is an instant and we hardly have time to think and reflect on what is happening. I have some years ahead till I retire. Meanwhile, let me prepare something for my class tomorrow.
Have a magical week!
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This is also for Art Journal Journey

10 comentários:

  1. What a terrific page! So true - what you said about time. And the older you get the faster it flies ;-)

    Happy T Day, Karla. XOX Eileen

  2. Your meal looks delicious and so refreshing, just what you need on a hot summer's day - Happy Day! Your art work is spectacular, especially the beautiful flower adorned headdress of the world with the clocks on each rainbow segment :-). How time flies, where did Jan go :-). Have a great week! J :-)

  3. A lovely post and beautiful art. I think we would all like more hours in our days.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  4. oh that is such a beautiful piece of art Karla! I almost bought some papaya the other day, and now you have me wishing I did:) Happy T day!

  5. I love your journal page! Time does seem to pass at different speeds depending on what you want to do with it! Your papaya looks delicious and just right for a hot day! Happy T day! Chrisx

  6. I love the beauty of the art you created. Your lady is really lovely, and the river quote is perfect, and SO true.

    I hope returning to school is fun, because if you love your job, you never really work a day in your life. Besides, I'm sure the kids love you.

    I want to share that meal with you. It looks not only delicious, but also healthy. I don't think I've ever had mango juice, but would love to try it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art and your healthy mango juice and papaya meal with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. Good luck going back to school. Why is it time off always goes faster than time at work? I love your art piece today and glad you posted before the challenge closes. And sorry its so hot but I think fruit is always delicious and yummy. Stay cool! Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  8. An amazing page Karla ! An yummie breakfast when it is so hot!
    Wished we could mix our temperatures quite now.. we have so much ice and freezing here - would be nice to get some degrees in exchange ♥
    Wishing you the best for school - good start of working !
    Thank you so much for a wonderful entry to Erika's AJJ theme!
    Happy T-Day !
    oxo Susi

  9. Time does keep flowing, and holidays sometimes rush past us. Your papaya looks like a real treat. I always forget to look for them. I'd love to try one. Happy T Day :)

  10. A beautiful journal page, and love the sentiment! Time does indeed keep flowing, and as my parents warned me, it seems to pass more quickly as we get older!! Enjoy each moment dear friend! ♥ Happy T day...on Wednesday! ;)


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