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domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016



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  1. So beautifully done Karla. Really striking and the background is gorgeous. Thanks for using the Dezinaworld image in your work. Hugs June x

    1. I love Dezinaworld images. They are lovely!Thanks for your kindness.

  2. Fantastic use of imagery Karla-a delight!

  3. A superb, colorful and cleverly designed collage combined with great framing. What else could we ask for? WOW!!!

  4. I agree the others, A great collage!

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  6. Marvellous combined collage and frame.
    Hugs Anja

  7. Such a lovely collection of elements this is gorgeous I like the way the color bounces all over the picture.

  8. A master piece of beauty and colors and the way you arranged it. Bravo!

  9. This is a beautiful piece, Karla, and illustrates both challenges quite nicely. I love the small details in the background. Well done!


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