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terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2016


“You can't drink from the cup while you're filling it up.”
― Laura Hajek

I'd like to shed some light on what's happening in my country. As the world's eyes are on the impeachment of our president, we here face a horrible epidemic: the Zika virus. Besides, the swine flu known as H1N1 has also spread and caused some victims specially in São Paulo among other problems which make me ashamed and sad as a Brazilian. 
Our political landscape is fragmented and our economy is detereorating. Things seem to be out of control right now. While our politicians divert attention from their own travails, blaming Dilma Rousseff - our president- for all the problems, my people still gets enraged  because of the neo-liberal policies which spend public funds on private enterprises, neglecting health care, schools, transportation and social/ urban development projects, obviously suffering the consequences provoked by stupidity and blindness.
I spent 25 years of my life living under a dictatorship. The first time I voted I thought I would see wonders. The miracles I expected never happened and maybe they never will. We have wings now, but we don't know how to fly yet. 
I just hope my grandsons and grandaughters may have the privilege of seeing what I won't.
Thanks for your attention. If you have time, pray for us.

Three Muses

Hugs, Karla

10 comentários:

  1. stay strong - one day in future ....
    everything will be so fantastic as in your phantasy. your art is so hopeful! P.

  2. The political situation of your country has been in news here, too. Hope the democracy win.
    I love your beautiful happy Art, Soul Sister ♥

  3. Holding you in my heart. Mareena

  4. This one has me smiling still. Sweet and funny!

  5. I'm sorry for the problems in your country, Karla. Thank you for sharing with us. Despite it all, you continue to create wonderfully colorful art. Bravo

  6. Y ou always employ fabulous color and a joyful spirit in all of your art!

  7. My thoughts are always with you, Karla. We see on our news what is happening in Brazil and I always think of you. Keep strong and never be ashamed because it's NOT YOUR FAULT. Keep making wonderful art, my friend, and stay strong.

  8. Hard to concentrate on the image, when you have so much more important information to share with us. Thank you. We ignore this at our peril.

  9. Lovely piece. And I said a prayer for you and Brazil, Karla. When I first read about Zika in the news, I was surprised to find out how long it had been plaguing countries like Brazil, without any mention in the MSM news. Ironically, I have a reverse story about the thrill of being able to vote. I was thrilled when I turned 18 because it meant I had the right to vote. This presidential year in the US might be the first time I choose NOT to vote for a president here. Although it gets no news coverage, our infrastructure is crumbling here, too. (Anyone who drives on the highways in the New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state area knows what I mean.) But the US Government has no problem giving US citizen tax payer money away to Pakistan (harbored Osama bin Laden for 9 years), Saudi Arabia (women have no rights), etc. (I'm not saying that conditions in the US are equal to those in Brazil. But under the surface, there are problems here too, but the MSM never reports them.) Obama turned out to be just like Bush (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria) and Hillary will be more of the same. Trump says he wants to do even more torture than Bush did. At this point, I don't see any hope for the grandchildren here. (Sorry to sound so pessimistic.)


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