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segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2016

T stands for fun

Hello My T.Friends!

It's Carnival here:


we are having fun, pretending there's no epidemic here caused by Zica virus. Yes, my friends, AN EPIDEMIC. If you are pregnant and planned to visit Brazil, you'd better stay at home. You can read more here.

Nobody in my family has been infected up to know. Maybe we are lucky. We are having fun too.
My sister and niece. My sister is eleven years younger than me.
My niece is like a daughter. 
Do you remember the small scrapbook album? It's for her .

 My daughter and her boyfriend.
My kids. I see them as my girls.
 It's been very stuffy and hot so no coffee for me.Thanks. Only water, please.
 You might be wondering why I am not having fun.Well I like to relax during Carnival and is there anything more relaxing and therapeutic than journaling?

Hope you have a magical week!
Last Tuesday I didn't share anything because I started work and I was worn out. I need some time to readapt again but I hope not miss any Tuesday from now on.


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19 comentários:

  1. Karla, the Zika virus has been all over the news here. It's the worst possible time for Brazil to be the epicenter of this disaster they still know so little about. I hope they get it figured out so the games can go forward and no athlete will have to choose between his/her health and his/her desire to compete.

    Your sister and niece look like they are having fun, and so does your daughter.

    BUT, Carnival is truly the topic of the day. Fat Tuesday and the fun that goes along with the parades and storytelling have always fascinated me. I would love to put Carnival in Brazil on my bucket list, because I've been to Carnival in New Orleans (in the US).

    Thanks for sharing the fun outfits, the photos of Carnival, and your journal page while we drank that bottled water for T this (soon to be) Tuesday.

  2. Just look at all those joyful faces!! Thank you dear Karla for sharing your beautiful family and that super fun looking celebration. My gosh-your sister and her daughter look like sisters-great genes! Enjoy carnivale and a happy T day too.

  3. Happy Carnival! It looks like soooo much fun! I am glad you shared those photos! And we hear all about the Zica virus here too, trying to inform people about traveling, and even how it could come to parts of the US. Have a great celebration and Happy T Day!

  4. So nice that you are back for T dear Karla.
    What sweet photos of your beautiful family and the carnival photos certainly are fun fun fun.
    The news is full of reports on the virus with travel cautions and more.
    Hope that with the worldwide focus the situation will become manageable and under control for everyone's safety.
    Happy T Day to you...take care and stay cool

  5. Enjoy your carnival, thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. what wonderful joyful and colorful photos! your daughter and her boyfriend are so cute together...
    but seems there can´t be the good without the evil: i read a lot about the zika Virus lately, it is in the News everywhere.
    happy t-day, karla, hope you can enjoy the days...

  7. Heard a lot about the virus lately - hope that will be managed soon - gosh!
    Lovely photos - your nice, sister , daughter and her friend - all such nice and beautiful people!
    Enjoy the carnival and best for work at school now! Wishing power and health to you and yours!
    Happy T-Day my friend!

  8. Yes, even I (living in a cave house without TV) have heard of the virus. Lets hope they find out more about it soon and that it is not as bad as we fear.
    Great photos of your beautiful family. Thank you for showing. Your sister and her daughter are beautiful. (So you must be too).
    Have fun at the carnival and keep safe,

  9. What a celebration! Your daughter, sister & niece look so festive--I like the photo of them all together!

    We hear about the Zika Virus here constantly and it is distressing. I hope you and your family all stay safe.

    Journaling is a great way to relax. Now if only I could get started!

  10. Happy Mardi Gras!

    I've been sorry to hear about the trouble with the Zika virus. It's spreading, and they say we may have cases in our state soon. Very sad.

  11. Wow, Carnival sure looks like it is a huge celebration where you are! so sorry to hear of the virus and resulting tragic medical problems...I do hope your family stays safe and healthy. Good luck with work...be strong! Happy T day!

  12. You all do know how to party there! I totally get the thought of pretending all is good... That virus sounds very scary.
    Happy T day!

  13. T h e carnival is so colorful. Wish we had something like this here in this season. We need more bright colors. The Zika virus is there in the news and hope they find a right cure for it soon.
    Thank you for sharing your family pictures Karla
    Have a great week

  14. It certainly looks like everyone is is full party mood there :) I think I would be more like you a celebrate with my journals ... I used to party with the best now I just remember the best parties and relax.

  15. Amazing costumes, what a big celebration your area is having. The virus has been on our news, hope the find a way to stop it and that meanwhile you and your family stay safe.

  16. Carnival always looks so fun and noisy and bright. So sad about the zika virus and the damage it is doing to all those babies, it must be such a frightening time. Your journal pages look like you found some relaxing time out in your busy schedule! Happy T Tuesday to you, from Annette

  17. Wonderful photo exhibition, Karla.
    Thanks for your e-mail. Take care, Soul Sister xx

  18. Wonderful photos of the carnival, so vibrant with color and happiness!

    The zika virus has really been on the news here too, so scary! I do hope all of you stay safe from it.

    You have a beautiful family.

    Thanks for the earlier visit and the comment.

  19. Zika that Elizabeth says is all the talk now. I'm sorry that you living right in the middle of it. So many questions about Zika that i can think of that are not being answered yet... Lets hope they figure this out soon... Thank you so much for the Carnival pics. So lovely as is your journal page. Stay cool! So sorry i'am late for Tea....work on this house just gets in the way! Hugs! deb


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