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segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2016

T stands for Coffee and Art

Hello My Lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope life has been treating well. Today I don't have much to share apart from my digital drawings and a book. I've been sick but today I went to Mr Doc and needless to say I have a lot of  things to do which range from a blood test up to an ultrasound. My holidays will end next week and after two weeks of an strict diet I've lost some weight. Because of that I have concentrated most on digital art. I have been also preparing a a book full of messages for my niece. I will write them when I get better. I think writing is also a process of inspiration and I want to leave her words of fire as a friend uses to say. My niece is my goddaughter too so she is very important in my life. Can you see Mr Tiger?He is also part of my book. Well, honestly, I don't know how to call it because it is not a book or an album. Can you help me, please?
The cover is not ready yet. Now my digital drawings:



What do you think of digital drawings? Do you think they are less charming? Well, I am all ears.Have a magical Tuesday!

T stands for Tuesday

Hugs, Karla

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  1. I was saddened to read that you are not feeling well, but maybe the new diet, which seems to be working, and all those tests will be just what is needed for you to get to feeling better.

    I adore Ms. Coffee. She is a jewel, as is her heart mug. Of course, I adore the lovely digital art, because I am truly unable to make it. It always makes me smile when I see you working in digital.

    I also have no idea what to call your book, except a book of memories, perhaps. It's definitely a book, but I have no idea what to call it, either. I'm sure your niece/goddaughter will be thrilled, no matter what you end up calling it.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely art, both digital and traditional, along with Ms. Coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. "Remember What I Said" is all I could come up with for your book. I am thinking this is such a good idea, I might make them for my Grandkids (that would be 5...yikes!)

    I adore all your digital art, and these are beautiful!

    I hope you get to feeling better real soon.

    Happy T-day

  3. Your mini scrapbook is adorable, and your digital art is fabulous! so colorful! I do hope you will be feeling better soon, and that the tests reveal what the problem is so you can be treated and healed quickly! hugs to you...hope a cup of tea will be soothing! ♥

    Herzlich Pippa

  5. Your book is beautiful. Hope you are soon feeling better, and that your doctor can help you. Hugs, Valerie

  6. not sure why you would not call it an Album... would be my choice.
    karla, take care of yourself - nothing is worth as much as health!! i hope mr doc will find out about your issues and you can recover well!!
    happy t-day! xox

  7. Dear Soul Sister,
    I do hope you feel better soon and doctors can give you right medicines and advices.
    I really admire your digital drawings. I don't have an idea how you do them but they are fabulous.
    Today's girls are so sweet, love them. And your book (no matter what's a name)is a treasure for your goddoughter. I'm sure you find the name yourself, Karla.

    With love,

  8. Hope you feel better soon and all your tests come out ok. Love your digital ladies. They are just gorgeous!

  9. "Inspirational thoughts", perhaps? No matter what you decide to call it, the digital pictures are so awesome and colorful! It will be a wonderful keepsake. We are due for some rain late today and tonight, so maybe it will wash away more of the snow. I hope you feel better soon!

  10. First of all, sorry to hear you have not been well. I hope your dr visits and tests help you feel much better after a diagnosis. Your book is going to so special, and your digital pieces - well-they are FABULOUS!! Take care, and a happy T day too.

  11. Well i admire your digital drawings as i have no idea how you make them.. :) They are bright and colorful and you KNOW i like that! i sure hope you feel better soon....We never realize how important our health is until we don't have it.. :) I'll be thinking about you! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  12. I don't know how you did them but you digital drawings look awesome. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Your digital work is always lovely Karla and quite a mystery to me as to how it is done exactly.
    Making a book for your niece will be a treasure of a keepsake.
    Take care of yourself dear one.
    Hope you are feeling much much better very soon!

  14. Lovely digital drawings, you are clever to be able to do such things! Your little memory book or journal or mini book... the name does not really matter as it is the content that is important and it sounds like something I have started but it is all the little sayings that my Grandmother used to use. Happy T Tuesday to you! Annette

  15. Oh Karla! Sorry to hear of you being poorly! I love your digital drawings - I wouldn't know where to start with something like that! Your little book looks like a great idea - a real treasure for your niece to keep! Take care my friend! Hugs, Chrisx

  16. Your digital art is wonderful! I know nothing about how to do that so I doubly impressed.

  17. I don't even know what a digital drawing is--LOL! They look fine to me.
    Cute book for your niece. I don't know what they call them, but I have seen people make similar books on youtube. Very pretty! Hope you feel better soon. Happy T-Day! :)

  18. Sorry to hear you have not been well. I hope you will feel better soon.
    Your digital drawings are awesome! I love the first two most of all. How do you do digital art? Do you have a digital pen or something? Or is it all on computer, like Photoshop? It is truly amazing.
    The book for your god child is beautiful. She will treasure it when she grows up.

    Have a good week,

  19. Are you using a Wacum pad and drawing on it. I have one but have never used it. I love what you are doing and would not stop. You have mastered it in my mind. Your digital art is out of this world. So sorry you are feeling poorly. I can certainly relate to that and to having tests and seeing lots of doctors. It really takes a toll on you. Take care and I hope all of your tests come out just fine. genie

  20. I think these are remarkable! Is there anything you do not do well? lol

  21. Mãe quero que vc melhore! te amo . Esto mt preocupada com vc!! e a foto da menina com café me lembra o café da tarde <3


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