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terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2015

T stands for Musing

Hello My Lovelies!

First of all I'd like to apologize for not commenting your posts but be sure I'll be visiting you this week. 
Today is a special for many Catholics here. It's Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Day and many people go to churches to pray or to give thanks to Her. It is also a holiday in some places in Brazil.
Religion plays an important role in our lives and we are very superstitious. It's hard to explain why but I guess if you visited my country, you would understand what I mean.

I would also like to share my altered book pages.

I love journaling. It's a sweet addiction. As soon as I finish this one, I am going to alter a book for my niece and that will be fun because she's only nine.

Journaling helps me to heal. Life has been playing tricks since October.I confess it's been tough. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about what's happened and I can only think of karma. Some say suffering is optional but I do think it's part of a game we need to learn how to play in order to be a better person.
I found a quote I'd like to share:

“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” 
― John Green
I hope I can forgive some day.

Have a magical Tuesday, my friends!

T stands for Tuesday
Art Journal Journey
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16 comentários:

  1. Your journal pages are truly adorable, Karla. Although I really like the first spread, which has the black coffee, I really loved the cat in the tea cup. That was so adorable.

    I've read so many bloggers who say that when they were down, they turned to their art for comfort and security. I hope that is true with you and you will soon be celebrating this season and all it has to offer.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful and poignant journal pages with us for T this Tuesday. I am certain that your niece is going to love her art journal because it will be so personal. And I hope we get to see some of the pages, too!

  2. Wonderful journal pages, thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, happy T day, and have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  3. Karla I hope all will be better for you soon! We celebrate "Maria Empfängnis" as well today .
    No school - no work - but all the shops are open - because the christmas cshopping must go on.
    Wonderful pages are these! So happy you linked to Art Journal Journey!
    hank you ! Happy T-Day!

  4. fantastic pages Karla! I have always turned to my art-mostly journal writing and collage when I was down. It really does help. Wishing you better days and a joyous holiday. Happy T day!

  5. I enjoyed seeing your very colorful pages. They lifted my spirits as I hope continuing to make them does yours. It is a special day for Catholics here, too, and I will worshiping Our Lady along with you.

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  6. I especially love that happy bird :) I hope things are looking up for you soon. Perhaps you could begin by forgiving yourself for not yet being able to offer forgiveness to others. Be kind to yourself first and let it flow from there. Happy T Tuesday!

  7. Your whole post is beautiful Karla. When offering up my prayers I will most certainly being adding your name. Be well my friend.
    Happy T-say

  8. Sending you LOVE and Prayers of PEACE ♥ Your art journals are so bight and beautiful and I love the quote you shared. I think I'll have to borrow it too :)

  9. Your journal pages are wonderful and I am pleased that they have been helping your healing process!My journals have had many 'dark' pages in them that have now been covered over! Wishing you a good week! Chrisx

  10. Love the photo on your blog's header -- very cool. And love the Holy Card photo of Mary. Having just spent three weeks in Spain, I understand a very Catholic country. There were churches and holy cards and saints everywhere. And working on the journal is always a good thing.

  11. Sweet pages! Art and writing can help soothe the soul, yes. I agree with you. There will be all kinds of different types of suffering we all go through and we can end up better people for it or worse (you certainly see that, too). I believe it is a choice. It's all about what you learn from and take away from whatever happens--life always changes and shifts--and usually gets better. *love and hugs* Happy T-Day! :)

  12. it´s good to Journal when your Soul is down. it really is therapeutic, and you know that so well. sending good vibrations ... happy belated t-day and rest of the week!

  13. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today...I love all images of Mary and Madonnas...this one is very sweet. Wonderful journal pages! I agree that journaling can be very healing, and hope that you find peace with whatever life holds...happy belated T day! ♥

  14. So many FUN and beautiful journal pages. I love the tea and cupcake! I lvoe stopping by and seeing all your playful art!

  15. these are lovely Karla...life can play some tricks on us..i totally agree, stay positive, my friend!

  16. Your journal pages are soooo beautiful! Enjoy your week! Love Anja


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