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segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2015

T stands for Friendship

Hello My Friends!

It's been awhile since I took part in Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday.I hope life has been treating you well. Tomorrow December starts and in a couple of weeks I will be on holidays. Classes will begin again only in February 2nd. Due to the Olympic Games next year, we will have vacations in August: the whole month. We only have two weeks holiday in July.2016 promises to be an unusual year for us. We expect many tourists but right now our minds are on an environmental disaster here that has destroyed one of our most important rivers. Many species will disappear forever.It's sad to see so many fishes, crabs, lobsters and shrimps agonizing. I feel for the fishermen and inhabitants of Bento Ribeiro who lost everything You can read more here, There are some photos too there. 
I would like to share a video from Rio de Janeiro: my home.

T stands for Tuesday
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  1. Love your colourful cup! Have good week, and enjoy your holiday. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. i´m thinking of you so often These days, karla. the Environment Desaster of minas gerais has been in our newspapers and the TV and i could cry all the time! no words for this. manhood destroys itself, i´m afraid. it´s hard to say "chin up" These days.
    but anyway i hope you can find a Little Christmas Spirit in the Family and with friends.
    big hugs xox

  3. A wonderful cup Karla! It's sad and unbelievable - what an environmental disaster- gosh!
    Have a happy T-Day and enjoy your holiday Karla!

  4. I like your flowery cup! So sad to hear about the environmental disaster--as you said the consequences are not only to the river inhabitants, but to the environment in general and the fishing industry. I hope you have a lovely T Day!

  5. Oh dear Karla, that is terrible, I cannot believe that I have heard nothing of this on the news here in the UK! Such a major industrial disaster and all those poor animals and it will be a huge hardship to all the people who rely on the river and water for their livelihood.

  6. I have not seen or heard anything about this disaster, all we seem to get is news of shootings and such.........political year here. This disaster is so horrible, and the effects on animals, fish, vegitation and humans is going to last a very long time.......breaks my heart.

    I adore your coffee card, and glad your back with us.

  7. love your happy digital piece Karla! What a tragic disaster. And why is it that I haven't heard of this either? I think it should have been posted world wide to bring more attention to these sad situations.
    Welcome back to T day-have a good one!

  8. A disaster indeed. :(

    I'm looking forward to learning more about the Olympics host country. That's one of my favorite things about the Olympics.

  9. I love your coffee cup! I knew nothing about the dreadful environmental disaster until I followed your link! Such a great loss !
    I love the Rio de Janeiro film though - it will certainly be something to remember next year I'm sure! Chrisx

  10. I enjoyed the video about Rio de Janeiro, especially the unusual cathedral and the tiled stairway. But I'm sore to hear about the ecological disaster. I will keep the land, water, animals, and people that are affected in my prayers.

  11. It is a terrible disaster, for the people but also for the environment. Yes, I heard of it immediately after it happened. Terrible!
    You are having more holidays this year because of the Olympics? I suppose you normally have holidays in the winter (our winter) you living in the southern hemisphere, so is August the extra one?
    Have a fab T-Day,

  12. What a disaster--a tragedy! All the lives--human and animals and plants! It is hard to wrap your mind around it all.
    I am glad you made it back to T-Day, though. :)

  13. what a contrast between the Tourist video and the news of the disaster. so sad that this has happened...your home of Rio does look like a magnificent city. thank you for sharing...

  14. Your lovely cup is just perfect for T today.

    I saw the disaster on TV and on various blogs. It was an environmental disaster.

    The video reminds me of many of the travel photos I used in my Rio pages. Christ the Redeemer was always front and center, but those steps were in several brochures, too. One thing I never saw was the National Museum of Art, so that was enjoyable.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee cup, your lovely video of Rio, and the disaster that shook much of the environmental world with us for T this Tuesday.

  15. Hello and Happy T Day, such a cute mug you made. So sad to hear this news, haven't heard about it. Thanks for sharing with us this week.


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