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segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2015

T stands for Bluebeard

Hello My Friends!

Hope you are well, my lovelies. Elizabeth I didn't forget Bleubeard's birthday. Do you know why? Because it's my birthday too. We will be one year older on october 28th and not only us but Julia Roberts too. Sooooo Happy Birthday Bluebeard: my furry friend!

Would you like to see Rio de Janeiro on a cold grey morning? Here are some photos of Guanabara Bay and The Sugar Loaf. I took them today.Enjoy your trip in our seas.


This picture symbolizes my feelings right now. We all need to be phoenixes and survive our fears and losses. I am grateful I had the opportunity to soar even when life made me crawl. I am also grateful to my father and mother who taught me to believe in myself and fight for a better world even when there was no light at end of the tunnel. 

For Tea stands for Tuesday and I am also linking up with Mix it Monthly.
Have an inspiring week!

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  1. Happy , happy birthday to you dear Karla!! Feliz cumpleanos (if I remember that correctly)! Wishing you a really joyful birthday. And I love those photos of the sea. To me, any day by the water is a beautiful one-even grey, or cold and wintry. Happy T day!

  2. Many Happy returns to you Karla, I hope your day and next year is full of things to make you happy and keep you well :D
    That water certainly looks cold, I wouldn't fancy a dip in it for sure.
    Happy T Day :D

  3. Bleubeard is thrilled that you and he have the same birth date. Both he and I wish you a very happy birthday. I'm simply delighted that you remembered, too.

    Your painting is gorgeous with the teapot and cup. I bet she knows how to celebrate.

    I was really impressed to see these images, since all I've REALLY ever seen are the travel brochure photos. I also recognized Urca mountain and Guanabara Bay from my study of Brazil and Rio. I really enjoyed seeing how it looks in real life, even on a cold and overcast day. Thanks for sharing it.

    I've tried to get here several times, but for some reason, your blog always freezes up when I try to visit. I was lucky today because it was a direct link with less images. I was by twice last week and the same thing happened both times.

    Thanks for sharing your photos, your birthday wishes for Bleubeard, and your lovely art with us for T this week. And I hope you have a fabulous fun-filled birthday.

  4. You enlighten my day, dear Carla!
    Herzlich P.

  5. Happy Birthday to you, and to Bluebeard, of course. Love the photos, so atmospheric, and your art is always beautiful. Have a great day, and a happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  6. happy birthday, dear karla!! the Girl in the Cup is HOT (haha) and your phoenix is just a magnet i can´t stop watching.
    celebrate the day!!!

  7. Happy happy Birthday dear Karla♥♥♥
    Love your girl in the cup and the phoenix and thank you for the photos of your sea!
    Happy T- Day -Birthday!

  8. Happy birthday to you, that phoenix was very mesmerising, love the coastal pictures, looks like black and white photographs

  9. cute artwork my friend..
    I love the photos of your beautiful homeland.
    Happy birthday to you...you are a beautiful wonderful artist:)

  10. Happy Happy Birthday dear Karla
    May your birthday gleam and sparkle
    May it shimmer glimmer flare
    May the warmest birthday wishes fill the birthday air
    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy!
    Lovely artwork and photos of your special home by the sea.
    Happy T Day oxo

  11. Happy Birthday Karla! Here they say: Feliz Cumpleano! I don't know the Portuguese word for it though.
    Yes, here we have similar grey weather. This area is sunny 320 days of the year but we do get grey days too. Thanks for the photos. Did you go on a boat trip? Or were you on a bridge?
    That animation of the Phoenix is awesome! Thanks for sharing that and you feelings.

    Have a fantastic birthday and a good week,

  12. Happy Birthday to you - and to Bleubeard too of course. Great photo's of the sea. Something it is nice to see it when it is a grey day and not the usual sunshine shot.

  13. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing the view. Lovely :)

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARLA!!!!! Love all of your photos this week. the see does look a bit chilly but beautiful non the less. Love your art and thanks for sharing the animated art film!!!

  15. You really are poetic my dear...always enjoy your view point, and find that you uplift us in unexpected ways! I don't see water and mountains where I live, so even on a gray day these photos are inspiring. what a cute kitty cake wish for Bleubeard...and love the bling on your tea cup painting! Hope you had a marvelous birthday too! happy T day! ♥

  16. Many many happy returns of the day Karla. May you have a wonderful year. That digital picture is awesome and yes, even I have same issues. I too need to gain confidence and learn to come out of my fears
    May you have a great day

  17. Happy birthday! And have a Happy T Day! :)

  18. Happy Birthday, Karla and Happy T-Day, too! :-)

  19. Love your saucy girl in a cup! I share your birthday too on the 28th but I never knew that Bluebeard and Julia Roberts were born on the same day too!

  20. Ohhh happy belated birthday Karla! I loove your relaxing cup, haha I could take such a bath too today ;) Thank you for taking us with you on your trip over the sea, looks awesome! http://mix-it-monthly.blogspot.de

  21. oooh happy happy birthday dear karla,fun cuppa pages,love this.
    and the sea looks awesome.


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