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quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2015

Face 15 - Jandira

 photo ppo1.jpg

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  1. Jandira is Jandira is Jandira!
    Herzlich Pippa

  2. I think she looks a lot like Frida, but was surprised to see the name meant Goddess in Portuguese. I also learned there is a Jandira who is an actress in Sao Paulo. I further was surprised to learn Jandira is a municipality in Sao Paulo, the area I'm researching at the moment. Whoever she is, she is stunning and a real beauty. You make GREAT art.

    If you have the time (of course, I understand if you don't, since my time is limited, too), I would love to have you check out today's post on Rio. Please let me know if I made any GLARING (or even trivial) mistakes. I don't ever want to be wrong when I create these pages in my 7 continents AB.

  3. Thank you for looking over the Rio pages I created. I have to agree that favelas are NOT romantic, and I cannot understand why a tourist brochure would show one, although I was glad they did because I would not have heard of them had I not seen the photo and read the caption: "Favela in Rochina." That was enough to pique my interest and I had to learn more about them. What a tragedy, pity, and oppressive area that must be. I feel sorry for your students, and I know it must weigh heavy on your heart, too.

    Again, thanks for the visit, because it means a lot to me that you know I'm trying to be as accurate as possible, even if this is an altered book of fiction, or at least a fictional journey..


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