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sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2015

Miss Charming

Hello My Lovelies!

First of all Happy Birthday Paint Party Friday!
I have been pretty busy this week: a lot of problems at home and at work. So, I couldn't dedicate myself to my art and to my blog friends. I didn't even have time to comment as I love doing. Yesterday I did the sketch above. It was pretty late so it's very simple. I will be visiting your blogs in a while, ok!

Have a magical weekend, my friends!


Paint Party Friday
This is me. I drew it some time ago. Have you noticed I love white dots?

 photo Apresentaccedilatildeo1.png

11 comentários:

  1. Fantastic work again, happy PPF, Valerie

  2. Karla, that!s a great selfie. I love it! Happy PPF!

  3. Cute work! Make time for that art, it's what keeps us sane. Happy PPF!

  4. Lovely paintings, Karla. Hope see you at Blogland soon.

  5. I love your charming girl in her Spring attire, and your self portrait is fab too-you look great in red!

  6. I love polka dots too. Miss charming is charming :)

  7. Hello Karla, very nice to see you in the third photo.
    Fun self portrait and I love Miss Charming, she is so like a modern teenager.

  8. Beautiful you Karla!! Wonderful fun selfie...love the skirt!! Miss Charming is awesome too!! Sending love for a better weekend and happier week next week!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Fantastic PPF portrait and nice to see you, Karla! Miss Charming is gorgeous too, I love it.
    Hugs, Mar

  10. Sweet girl and portrait! Who doesn't love polka dots! :D


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