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terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2015

Almost Vintage

Hello Bev, Ann, Marie! Hello Soul Sister and my lovely artistic friends!

I confess my muse is tired and creativity is somewhere over the rainbow. It must be our extreme hot weather. Sometimes I think I am in a pressure cook. It is insane! Our Fall is next month but only on 21st. It hasn't rained much here and some states have been rationing water. Yes, Mother Nature is angry!


Life is amazing and I am glad you share your gorgeous artwork with me every week. It is always a feast for my eyes. Girls, your art brightens my day. Thank you!

Ialso would like to thank Colorel and Kimeric for kindly share their lovely work.

Three Muses - Vintage

 photo Apresentaccedilatildeo1.png

12 comentários:

  1. This is a truly inspired piece and has brightened my day- both painter/vintage poster feel to this- love it!

  2. Pretty piece, Karla, perfect for a birthday card!!
    Hot here, too, hardly any rain has fallen this year around here, the lawns are brown!!

  3. Para quem está sem criatividade você fez um excelente trabalho. Belo e alegre. Felizmente aqui em Brasília as temperaturas são mais amenas... Boa sorte com o calor!

  4. I'm sorry dear Karla that you are suffering of hot weather. Keep calm and go on..;)
    Lovely, beautiful real Vintage illustration. I really love it, Soul Sister.

  5. ...and your work brightens our days as well, my friend! THis is a lovely vintage piece, full of color and carrying a great message alongside. Beautiful work.
    Sorry about your weather. Mother Nature has a way of humbling us all, doesn't she? Here we are experiencing record-breaking cold, below zero temperatures!

  6. This one is fantastic Karla!
    Joyful, colorful and beautiful.
    Your muse is NOT somewhere over the rainbow!
    It matches perfectly with your wonderful new blog atmosphere.

  7. Gorgeous elegant and I adore the texture wonderful work my friend.

  8. Gorgeous elegant and I adore the texture wonderful work my friend.

  9. Well if your muse is taking a holiday...I don't know...but I think it's beautiful! Well done dear friend! xx

  10. Terrific collage. Sounds like a lot of mixed weather you have around you

    Love Chrissie xx


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