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sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2015

Textile Dream

Textile Dream

Another artist whose work is amazing is Louise O'Hara. She is a mixed media artist. About her work, she says:

"Within my work I use a combination of mixed media layered surfaces, paper clay, wax and hand painted papers, collaged hand painted and hand dyed fabrics, machine, hand stitch and drawing to create one off pieces. I also like to incorporate vintage and discarded items into my work to convey messages of nostalgia."

Below you can see samples of her amazing art:

For Digitalmania: Artist Inspiration - Louise O'Hara


Art Jornal Journey - Inspiring Artist

Poetic Postcards
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8 comentários:

  1. Wow, she is fantastic, and I LOVE what you have made. Thanks for this wonderful contribution to Art Journal Journey! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Impressive mixed-media work. Great job, Karla.
    Louise's art is amazing.
    Happy weekend to you:)

  3. Her art is really amazing and yours is GORGEOUS too... love what you made with the inspration !
    Great !
    Thank you for another to me unknown artist !
    Happy Sunday!

  4. I was super impressed with this fabric and textile artist. This was simply stunning, as was her art, too. I am so grateful you left the link to her site, because I am deeply in love with the pieces you have shone us. Thank you beyond belief for exposing me to this fabulous artist, whose work you interpreted SO well.

  5. Oh yes, I'm familiar with Louise's work and just love it!
    She has such a beautiful and inspired knack for this flavor of creation. Just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Her work is awesome and yours is always. Your work is so amazing yourself and such and inspiration to all.

  7. Oh yes, her work is beautiful Karla! And I love the piece that you have created! So very pretty!! xo

  8. thanks for showing us a new artist, I will check it out, and yours is also great


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