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sexta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2014

My Flower Girl

Have you ever heard about Stasia Burrington?This piece was influenced by her. She is an illustrator. I love her Flower Girls. Below you can see her adorable work:

For Paint Party Friday
Art Journal Journey

More about Stasia Burrington here

Poetic Postcards
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  1. Nope, I've never heard of Stasia, but you did her proud. This is stunning.

  2. Your painting is awesoem.. romantic and lovely.. never heard of her.. will check her out! Thank you for introducing another fab artist to our theme this month !
    Happy weekend Karla my friend!

  3. Her work is wonderful, and yours also, love it! Thanks for this wonderful contribution to Art Journal Journey! Valerie

  4. very nice flower girl! and thank you for mentioning this interesting artist!
    hapy PPF!

  5. I think your girl is ready to do some figure skating! very pretty!

  6. Stasia is so inspirational! I really love your flower girl, what medium did you use to create such intense color? Happy PPF

    1. I drew the girl but the flowers are digital.

  7. Never heard of her so thank you for introducing this wonderful artist. her paintings have such a beautiful and spiritual quality about them-and yours is equally lovely. great job!

  8. I have seen her pieces before and love them... Great piece!

  9. great inspiring work, thanks for sharing, I love illustrators, they have a way with the pen

  10. I never heard of Stasia Burrington. But I enjoyed seeing her paintings and you did an excellent job of capturing her spirit in your piece.

  11. I can see why she would be an inspiration! Her work is stunning!

  12. Gorgeous I love you inspiration too! Thanks for introducing us to your favorites!! I am really enjoying it!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Beautiful work, Karla, your flowers are so vivid.


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