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domingo, 16 de novembro de 2014

Mona, beauty and shoes

A woman with good shoes is never ugly.’ 
 Coco Chanel 


Take a Word - Monalisa

Sunday Postcard Art - Shoes


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17 comentários:

  1. Mona is a woman after my own heart...but of course you knew that...this is awesome Karla.

  2. Wow, so clever. She probably really could not stand them.

  3. So darn clever and beautifully altered, bravo!!!!

  4. haha so funny and clever, great idea and realization.
    Hugs Anja

  5. Fabulous modern Mona, Karla, fabulous alteration!!

  6. This is priceless, Karla. I like her new hairdo too. Thanks for the smile. Well done!

  7. I see someone beat me to the first thought I had when I saw Mona. It was how much I prefer this hairdo on her!

  8. Oh dear! This is so funny! Fantastic!

  9. fun stuff karla! I hate heels now too, but I think Mona has a few years on me! lol :)

  10. Adorei o corte de cabelo, o modelito e a atitude! (apesar de usar cada vez menos, ainda amo salto...)

  11. I adore shoes too. Fabulous dear Karla! xx


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