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sexta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2014

Crafting Blooming Howls - O'Sister

Sisterhood of Roses

O' Sister!
Come with me
and bring the candles.
The earth is damp and
the water is still.

Let's dance and chant
till you become one with
the light.
Let this light spread all
around you and into infinity.
Rejoice sister, rejoice!

O' Sister!
Your blood is my blood,
in perfect love and in perfect trust,
we must live and let live.
This heart of mine is what
I have to give.
Hold it in your hands as
our sisterhood of roses comes into
Feel the perfume, feel the perfume.

O' Sister!
Beauty, strength and compassion
are within you.
Honor our Mother
and the perfect words.
Let's sing, make music and make
love to celebrate for here is
the wine of life.

O' Sister
Come with me,
by the powers of Wind
and The Sea,
by the might of the Moon
and the Sun
Our sisterhood of roses
is in your veins.
Our sisterhood of roses
can't be undone.

Karla Bardanza

The fourth annual Witches in Fiction party has begun and it is hosted by Magali Guerrero!Well, well,well I wrote the poem above a long time ago. Poetry and art are like air to me. So enjoy my two passions and visit Pagan Culture.

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  1. It's been awhile since I've been to Magaly's blog. It's good to see she's publishing another book. Good for her. And it's also fun to blog hop with her during her annual Witches in Fiction.

    I have NO idea how you made this art, but I'm in LOVE with the way the sparks of light draw your eye into the page. Of course, those red hats are the crowning touch (pun intended).

    This is a stunning poem, too. The sisterhood can't be broken, that's for sure.

  2. They are really lovely sisters and the whole collage is gorgeous. Love it, Soul Sister :)
    P.S. And your poem is fabulous!

  3. Just loving the beautiful art and poem! Have an amazing Halloween!


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