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quinta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2014

Darling Edgar

Invisible things are the only realities,
Edgar Allan Poe

I designed Edgar or I tried to but a copy is never faithful to the original and the original here is Edgar Allan Poe himself. Hope he can forgive me for that. But he knows how important he has been in my life since I was nine and watched "The Raven" starred by Vincent Price. What a magical film!Later I fell in love with his short stories. Our love affair is unforgettable and why not say eternal. After all,

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” 
Edgar Allan Poe

And I'd like to add all that we feel too. 

Have a magical mysterious day!


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10 comentários:

  1. I do like your Edgar Allen Poe portrait very much, you have capture the likeness very well, and it still has your artistic stamp. Its a good raven too (not a bad raven).

  2. I'm desperately trying to catch up and am having a hard time. I really like your word Saudade, and it makes perfect sense in English to me. I also appreciated your witch, owl, and black cat. Bleubeard likes the black cat.

    I had no idea you had/have a love affair with Poe. Your likeness of him is spot on. You made this your own, yet you stayed true to his image. Great tag.

  3. Very fun tag! Edgar would approve. :-)

  4. A wonderful Edgar-tag, Karla.

    Have a lovely weekend

  5. Love it! Your love of Edgar makes me even more curious about you!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I'm sure Edgar would approve. Great piece and I love your words. Thanks for sharing :) Happy Paint Party Friday!
    Tam Hess

  7. I'm sure Edgar would be incredibly happy to see what you've done. You are such a talented artist.


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