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sábado, 9 de agosto de 2014

Lady and fan

“Victorian rigidities were such that ladies were not even allowed to blow out candles in mixed company, as that required them to pucker their lips suggestively. They could not say that they were going "to bed"--that planted too stimulating an image--but merely that they were "retiring." It became effectively impossible to discuss clothing in even a clinical sense without resort to euphemisms. Trousers became "nether integuments" or simply "inexpressibles" and underwear was "linen." Women could refer among themselves to petticoats or, in hushed tones, stockings, but could mention almost nothing else that brushed bare flesh.” 
― Bill BrysonAt Home: A Short History of Private Life

For Lunagirl

Poetic Postcards
 photo pp3.jpg

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  1. So beautiful Karla! I special love the one below too!

  2. I love your beautiful, lacy, feminine creation. And your interesting info too! Thanks for joining in my Victorian Flowers & Fans challenge!

  3. Karla this is SOOOO beautiful! all the beautiful layers fo color and pattern and texture. I love it. thanks for playing with us again at lunagirl moonbeams. xo

  4. Hi Karla ~ You've won the drawing for my Victorian Flowers & Fans challenge! Email me at info@lunagirl.com, and choose one of my collage sheet CDs for your prize: http://lunagirl.com/collections/collage-sheets-on-cd
    Congratulations! ~ Karen


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