“Art is literacy of the heart” Elliot Eisner / “Arte não é pureza; é purificação, não é liberdade; é libertação.” Clarice Lispector

sábado, 26 de julho de 2014

Sweet Woman

But she had learnt, in those solemn hours of thought, that she herself must one day answer for her own life, and what she had done with it; and she tried to settle that most difficult problem, how much was to be utterly merged in obedience to authority, and how much might be set apart for freedom in working.” 

For Lnnagirl Moonbeams

Poetic Postcards
 photo pp3.jpg

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  1. Thank you for sharing your card in my Favorite Colors challenge. Such beautiful colors and I like your "sweet" theme!

  2. Stunningly Gorgeous Karla! xoxo I love her burlap canvas!


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