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sábado, 3 de maio de 2014

Would you like some coffee?

In Brazil, we drink coffee all the time: at breakfast, after lunch, in the afternoon and etc. Most places you go, you find coffee as a courtesy.It is part of our lives as the sea. I guess we - Brazilian people - can't live without it. It is in our souls as soccer is. And you, can you live without it?
 Would you like some coffee now? Hummm I love the smell!

For Mix it Monthly - Coffee

Poetic Postcards
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  1. Your painting is a lovely artwork. Love it! Coffee is one of my favorite drinks...

  2. Stunning painting. Beautiful and dramatic. We Finns are heavyusers of coffe. Like it, too and drink capuzino in the morning and black coffe in the afternoon.

  3. I have to make frequent visits to my local coffee house for a latté. Your lady looks like she is enjoying her's.

  4. My hubby is Dutch and they drink coffee as well.

    I like it but not as much as the Fins, Brazilians, dutch people.

    Beautiful picture . Well soccer is going to be in Brazil this year but they say your country is so far away with getting things all prepared for it. Construction. Hope it gets done.

  5. Haha, your piece is wonderful..so full of motion...seems she can´t wait to drink :) Love the blue table as a reference it the painting so much :) Well I drink tea instead of coffee, but I so love my mugs with the hot drinks in it :) Wonderful you have a cup with us on Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  6. I love the smell of coffee it is wonderful and I adore coffee ice cream but I can't do the caffeine.
    Your artwork is wonderful as well you are very talented and you have been so busy this week I can't believe how many new picture you have created and all so lovely.

  7. What a lovely gal. Her eyes are so captivating. :)

  8. Yes please! :-) We need coffee here as well, it's warmth and the smell just make you feel good. Coffee for me all day as well ;-)

  9. I like coffee but only one cup in the morning usually. Here it just depends on if you really like it. I have a friend who loves it and drinks it all day long. It is interesting to hear how it is in Brazil. I love the painting - especially her hair!

  10. I yes, I love coffee too ~ organic, fair trade, grown in the true ways of long-tradition. :) And yes, I'd love a cup! I thank your wonderful image for asking.


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