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domingo, 23 de março de 2014


Ode To Ostara

Ode to Ostara, Goddess of Spring,

Goddess of fertile new beginning.
Goddess of hope, Goddess of bloom,
Goddess of all the life held in a womb.

As the wind kisses her plentiful hair,
Scent of new blossoms fills each whiff of air;
As she treads lightly on frozen earth crest,
One thousand butterflies rise from their rest.

As she strokes gently and gives the plants hopes,
Rainbows bloom over the vales and hill tops;
As she gazes up the lovely blue skies,
Larks charm the world with their musical cries.

Ode to thee, the smile in a flower,
Ode to thee, the life in rain shower;
Ode to thee, the Goddess of Spring
For all the blessings that you always bring.

Sunflower Poet

Take a Word - Eggs 

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15 comentários:

  1. and that´s where the german word "ostern" (=easter) comes from... wonderful spring collage, karla, love it!

  2. This is stunning. I'm sure it's hard for you to make springtime art when it's fall in your part of the world. If only the internet was built around the southern hemisphere! Regardless, I'm in love with this beauty.

  3. Isso é mágico! Ainda bem que temos flores no Brasil o ano inteiro! Podemos cantar a primavera sempre que nos aprouver!

  4. Wonderful painting, Karla, full of myth and magic, and your poem is exquisite. You are such a gifted lady.
    Also, I read your comment in Giggles' post on the mum in the airport and was touched by your tenderness with your daughter. You are one strong lady. XX

  5. Beautiful work, Karla...and beautiful words as well. Loud applause and a big BRAVO!

  6. Exquisite dear Karla and beautiful poem! xx

  7. Powerful and eggstremely colorful! I love it Karla! :)

  8. Love your eggstra gorgeous work! Valerie

  9. Such depth and so rich, Karla, lovely!!

  10. Stunning...great and glorious colors for a goddess.

  11. So beautiful, Karla. The poetry is so appropriate and touching. Superb artwork.


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