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domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014

Paris - An Unshakeable Love

“I love the night passionately. I love it as I love my country, or my mistress, with an instinctive, deep, and unshakeable love. I love it with all my senses: I love to see it, I love to breathe it in, I love to open my ears to its silence, I love my whole body to be caressed by its blackness. Skylarks sing in the sunshine, the blue sky, the warm air, in the fresh morning light. The owl flies by night, a dark shadow passing through the darkness; he hoots his sinister, quivering hoot, as though he delights in the intoxicating black immensity of space. ” 

― Guy de Maupassant

For Lunagirl - Meet me in Paris

Poetic Postcards
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3 comentários:

  1. Lovely card and poem, Karla. Your style to create cards is superb.

  2. Wow, so beautiful. The colors make me think of fireworks, or a brilliant sunset. Thanks for entering this in my Meet Me in Paris blog challenge!

  3. I just love this ... Beautiful. Thanks for sharing with the Lunagirl Moonbeams.


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