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terça-feira, 24 de setembro de 2013

What can you do for me?

The challenge at Three Muses was to alter some of my own work or to alter any picture or to make a collage of old artworks. I decided to alter Catrin Arno's painting called Plant me a tree ( forgive me Catrin! Your work is divine!). I would really like to find someone out there who can plant me a tree and cook for me and you?
Both tasks require love and I still think love is the answer.

For Three Muses - Altered Art

Poetic Postcards
 photo pp3.jpg

12 comentários:

  1. Wow. What a brilliant adaptation of your original piece. I love how she is carrying all of her cooking items. It looks wonderful against the antique stove.

  2. Karla, your altered art is divine, too, brought her into the 21st century! Stellar work!
    Thanks for joining in with my challenge!

  3. Very clever alteration, Karla. Well done.

  4. i would enjoy planting myself, but finding a cook would be great!
    wonderful idea and excellent execution!

  5. Excellent work again, Karla. Your art is so characteristic and beautiful, my friend.

  6. This is fantastic Karla! Wonderful stuff! xx

  7. Brilliantly made with the new background and the cooking utensils, very clever, Karla.

  8. The woman is divine and the background fabulous...excellent work Karla.

  9. I agree, the lady is divine, and you have done a beautiful job!

  10. Great Karla!
    Excellent idea and beautiful achievement!!
    I love your new header! :)


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