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domingo, 8 de setembro de 2013

Dreamy Beings

Anne among the flowers

When I have another child
 Take a Word challenge this week is Childhood and this theme made me think about
Anne Frank and all those children who had their dreams stolen  due to wars, and all sorts of insanities still perpetuated around the world in the name of things I'd rather not remember or even pronounce. It also made me think of my own childhood/adolescence during dictatorship and about my father who taught me to fly in a time when we could only crawl. 
I know my two works this week do not do justice to what a collage must be but I wanted to pay my tribute to Anne frank whom I have always admired and also to all the kids who are still able to dream in spite of the adversities they face dayly. 
I also would like to share a photo taken by Ali Noohi that has silenced my heart since I first saw it last year.

Copyright ©Ali Noohi

Life, my good friends, needs a chance.


Karla Bardanza

For Take a World - Childhood

Poetic Postcards
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12 comentários:

  1. You really make me think about the children who don't have so called happy chilhood. And they are too many in this world.

  2. Oh Karla, these are absolutely gorgeous and so poignant in their message. Have a beautiful day. Mina

  3. A wonderful touching post Karla...it's so hard to think about how many children suffer from day to day I find myself always wanting to do more...so beautiful my friend.

  4. That sure speakes words Picture # 2.

    The last weeks also on t.v . So heartbreaking to see children being forced

    to be poisoned to death as well as what you have shown.

    What a wicked world is webbed by malicious men.

  5. That's true Carol.Children always pay for their leaders' stupidities.

  6. everything you have posted here is incredibly powerful.
    thank you.

  7. a insanidade das guerras e o sofrimento que causam principalmente nos mais inocentes não podem ser traduzidos em imagens ou palavras, mas você fez um belo trabalho aqui.

  8. What lovely art, Karla, and what compassionate thoughts. The photo is heart-rending and an image that stays in one's mind. When I look back over my life and think of all the wars, and young men (and women) whose lives were cut short it makes me so sad. Why can't we all just get along?

  9. Truly touching images and thoughts Karla!
    Almost each one of us is used to prefer to think of chilhood as a perfectly protected period of life...
    Maybe because most of us use their own artworks as an escape from this awfull and terrible world.
    Thank you for beeing here with your heart and thoughts.

  10. Beautiful tribute to all who have lost their lives or their innocence in childhood. I like the Merriam quote, a new one to me. And the sad children behind the barbed wire fence is heart-wrenching.

  11. Such wonderful creations with very moving messages!!


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