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terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2016

T stands for Good Friends

Hello My T-Friends!

Tomorrow June begins and we are heading into Winter. It's been cold here and getting dark early. I love this cold weather. It's better than our Summer because we were almost evaporating. I thank you all for your uplifting messages about mum. It's incredible how people can be so warm even if miles separate them whereas people who are close don't really care much about each other's lives. Compassion and empathy are rare qualities nowadays. 
Yesterday I drew the girl above. It was very late and the colors were dull/lifeless ( can I say that? ) on the photo. Then I made the colors pop up digitally. I'd like to know which one do you prefer and why. Colors fascinate me maybe because Brazilian art and Brazil itself is so colorful. Despite what's happening here, I'd like to tell you my country is beautiful and vibrant. I saw a charge about The Olympic Games in which an athlete got a gold medal and around him, there were a lot of armed people, trying to rob his prize. I know my country is poor but there are a lot of decent people here and that include those who live in total poverty. Discrimination and prejudice are a malady everywhere. I found a quote to express my feelings.

"Build bridges, not walls. Make love, not war. Spread positivity, not hate. Live life, be happy."
- Cherlynn Shakespeare / DearLove_

My original drawing
Linking up with T stands for Tuesday


17 comentários:

  1. Enjoy the cooler season. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I would call this girl PFIFFIGUNDE! P.

  3. adorable painting Karla, and I love the digital version too which reminds me of a poster. Enjoy you're cooler weather- I will be enjoying my summer weather here:) Happy T day!

  4. I hope the cooler weather suits you better :) Hot chocolate sounds like just the thing! Happy T Tuesday!

  5. I like both versions of the drawing, but I agree that the digitally enhanced image is very colorful.

    I have trouble believing the Olympic athletes will have to worry about their gold medals being stolen. First, there will be so much security around, no one will be able to get close to the athletes. Also, the cost to get into the games would prohibit those armed thugs because they won't be able to afford to get in. I know I personally could never afford to get into even a single game, since they charge so much for each event.

    I love hot chocolate, too. I am sure it will come in handy as winter approaches your part of the world.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely art pieces AND that great quote with us for T this Tuesday. It's such a true quote.

  6. I agree about how kind and wonderful people we meet across art blogs can be. Enjoy your cooler temps. I'm sure it must be a relief.
    Happy T day!

  7. it is good to be reminded that there are kind people everywhere. sometimes I think the media is so intent on covering the 'big' events that are seen as important, that the day-to-day events are overlooked. Your digital art is very colorful, but I prefer your hand drawn page! She is so cute...and yes, hot chocolate is one of my favorites too, especially on cold days!! Happy T day1 ♥

  8. I have to say i like the brighter colors... but then you know from my art that i go for the brighter stuff... lol Happy Tday Hugs! deb

  9. the brighter Colors are better in my opinion... but yes, life is not always bright. but i´m sending you uplifting vibrations! enjoy the cooler weather and a hot chocolate, yumm!
    happy t-day, karla!

  10. I like both your pictures, but have to say the digital alterations make her look more alive and happier. Happy t day.

  11. Both versions of your drawing are lovely.
    Your digital one does shine with the saturated colors you added.
    Enjoy your cooler weather...I am not a fan of the heat and humidity which we are having now in Spring instead of Summer so far.
    Your quote really touches my heart.
    We humans are more alike than different.
    The media has a way of tilting news and changing the stories.
    Sending more good wishes your way dear Karla.
    Happy T Day and everyday oxo

  12. I love hot chocolate too. It makes me smile like that girl. Yum! Hugs-Erika

  13. Both paintings are wonderful, yes the digital is much brighter, but I am drawn to the original. I much prefer original art.....not everybody can do THAT!

    I don't believe any of the social media ( news) reports 100%, even when accompanied by a photograph......so there is no need to apologize for your country.....it is NO different than any of the others.....including mine (USA)

    As you enter the hot cocoa season I enter the ice tea season. Forecast for today.....104' (F) getting to 107'(F) by Saturday....yep...it's summer time here.

    Belated T-day wishes

  14. Apologies for arriving late for T! I love the digital brightness on your fabulous drawing! I am sure that the spirit of the Olympics will overcome the negative attitudes! Enjoy your chocolate this Winter! Hugs, Chrisx

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  16. very sweet drawing and artistic creation! stay warm! xo


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