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terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2015

T stands for Treasure

Hello Elizabeth!Hello My Lovelies!

How are you? Hope everything is under control. Winter is here and it is sooooo good! It is cold and rainy. What a precious season ! The sun is so shy and the days are getting dark early. It is lovely!
I thank you for keeping your fingers crossed but my daughter didn't succeed. Her score was not good enough to enter a university. But, she's young and will try again. Isn't life fabulous? We can always try again no matter how old we are. 
Today I have some photos to share. Mum made some coffee and we spent some time, chatting. laughing, enjoying ourselves. What a treasure!

 My daughter gave me the mug below.It says: Mother, you are the best.

That cake was yummy yummy.It is made of manioc / cassava. Have you ever heard about it?

Our coffee is strong and we drink it all day long. Can you see mom's coffee pot? It is over 20 and it is written Brazilian coffee on it

T stands for Tuesday

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  1. Sorry to read about your daughter, but this might be a good time for her to take advantage of her photography skills.

    Your digital art is gorgeous, as always. I love how you create digital art. If only I knew more about it.

    I enjoyed having coffee with you and your mother. Your new mug is delightful, and no, I've never heard of either word manioc or cassava. I would certainly love your coffee, though. I hate weak coffee, but of course, I add lots of cream to mine. I also liked the pace mats.

    Thanks for sharing your digital art, your new mug, your coffee, and for inviting me to lunch with you. BTW, your mom's coffee pot may be old, but it's a real beauty.

  2. That's a bummer that she didn't get in but as you said...she's young and can certainly try again! Thanks for sharing your lovely digi art!
    Happy T day!

  3. really Looks so inviting... and i will Keep my fingers crossed for the next Chance. she will make her way, trust in that!

  4. All the best to your daughter for all the adventures that still await her!
    How nice of you to invite us to coffee with you and your mother...
    so lovely and special in every detail.
    I will have to investigate was manioc/cassava is.
    Here's wishing you a cozy and Happy T Day

  5. OH and I adore your altered image at the top...Wonderful!!!

  6. What lovely art you make; I am bowled over! I am sure your daughter will achieve her goals in the end. It is never too late - I only now, at 48 years of age, took the Swedish Scholastic test and did so well (with age and experience I did not have at 18) will be entering university in August to become a nurse! It is scary, but I know I can do it. Happy T-Day!

  7. fabulous digital piece Karla! Sorry to hear your daughter didn't get into university-this time around. I do hope she will try again and not give up. How lovely to have such time enjoying with your mother. I have never heard of manioc cassava. Wishing you a happy T day dear-and you enjoy your winter whilst I enjoy our summer despite the heat and humidity:)

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the digital art ♥ Sorry your daughter didn't make it this time around. You can spend so quality time together until she takes the exams again. The coffee and cake look so good.... I think I'll have a cup of coffee now and dream about the cake :)

  9. If your daughter has her heart set on it she will succeed!! Life is full of second chances.
    Sounds like you have a lovely time with your mom and that is a sweet cup from your daughter.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  10. There will be time to try again for your your daughter - meanwhile there seems to be so much fun going on - enjoy your time together! Happy T day, Chrisx

  11. So sorry to hear your daughter didn't quite make it, but like you said......she's young and has time to try again. What doesn't break us will only make us stronger ( and more determined...*grin*)

    As always I am in love with your digital art.

    Belated T-day wishes

  12. Beautiful digital work! I think it can be beneficial to wait a year to go off to college, I wanted to do that but my parents wouldn't allow it. Your food and coffee look delicious!

  13. Coffee with mom!! Lovely! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. Please tell her to keep her chin up.... these things happen for a reason... Happy belated tday! Hugs! deb

  14. Sorry to be so very, very late. I have not heard of manioc / cassava, but any homemade cake shared with Mom has to be good! I love your digi art and the bold color you used. Sorry your daughter did not succeed this time for university--it is good that she has the chance to try again.


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